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Ask yourself now. What worked, what didn’t?

While the details are fresh in your mind, it’s a good time to extract the lessons of last season before moving forward. Here are three questions that might unlock some important but overlooked lessons from 2014. What worked and what didn’t? An obvious question, but one that sometimes isn’t given the attention to detail it […] Read more

Checking-in on the farm

The best way to know for sure your farm family and employees are safe is to make sure you check on them regularly

Communications are critical for safe farm operations. One often overlooked aspect of farm communications is check-in strategies. Farms are getting bigger, they are getting more equipment and doing more value added operations to increase profitability. Even smaller farms are doing their best to stay competitive and that can mean working alone or working in situations […] Read more

What’s the secret?

What makes three farms operating as one such a success?

What’s the secret?’ is a question the Weichel family is often asked. With three generations and multiple families working together as a unit, everyone wants to know what the secret is to keeping three farms operating like one. For 85-year-old Mike Weichel and his wife Babe, 80, the secret lies in the history of the […] Read more