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Precision ag data ownership may well be a moot point

Your data may already be out there

For as long as there have been precision agriculture tools and data collection, there has been debate over who, ultimately, should own that data. Should it be the sole property of the farmer, or the agronomist or consulting company he or she uses to help interpret it, or should it be available for general, public […] Read more

Who’s handling your farm data? Keep an eye on this U.S. model

Data is becoming an industry. Whether you like it or not, you’re part of it

We talk about environmental stewardship, land stewardship and animal stewardship in agriculture, but there’s not a lot of discussion about data stewardship. And that’s too bad because there are some good reasons to have control over who accesses our data. I’m really talking about Big Data here — the move by businesses to collect mountains of data […] Read more

Cost cutting with new agricultural technology

Technology is moving at a pace we couldn’t have imagined. Can it help you?

If you’ve ever wondered what the future will be like, Jack Uldrich has the answer. It will feel like you’re sitting in a driverless car for the first time as the vehicle careens around pylons and executes high-speed turns. In other words, a little nerve-wracking. Uldrich, a futurist and author, showed us a video clip […] Read more

Farm groups, ag tech companies agree on data privacy standards

Reuters — A consortium of farmer organizations and agriculture data technology providers on Thursday published a set of data privacy and security principles aimed at reassuring farmers that data they share with Big Data services providers will not be misused. The non-binding principles are also meant to provide companies that collect, store and analyze farmer […] Read more