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How to get more time off on the farm

This will mean considering some new approaches and making some intentional choices

Harvest is in high gear, cattle are moving and you think you cannot stop working. Your voice is louder and your sleep is lousy and you wonder if you are going to stay married with all the demands on your time. You have choices. Consider a new approach. Time for a mindset shift. 1. Track […] Read more

The perfect gift may be a heartfelt letter to a family member expressing your appreciation.

The gift of healing stories in agriculture

This gift will not cost you any money — only your time and attention

Pierrette believes as I do that positive feedback and pointing out good actions is important to creating a healthier culture in our farm teams. Pouzer and Koutes authored Encouraging the Heart of Your Business that echoes the same theme. As Christmas celebrations approach I’d like to challenge you to take a risk this year in […] Read more

After 40 years what matters most?

When you figure that out and what you really want in your life, that will affect your intentional choices

The clouds at 30,000 feet are keeping me company as I write and reflect. My ears hear Celtic tunes of praise while I contemplate the lessons of the last four decades. November 10, 1978 marked the first day of my move to Boissevain to serve farm families with Manitoba Agriculture as an extension home economist. […] Read more

A dozen things about divorce

Here’s a friend’s observations about her own divorce journey

Speaking to my tribe of farm advisers I mentioned that I was walking alongside four friends navigating the process of divorce, and a colleague in my audience said, “Elaine, make that five friends… ugh!” My best friend from Grade 8 offers these observations about her divorce journey, with her permission of course! Both partners need […] Read more

Marriage fitness… building a stronger team

Spend some time this fall and winter to get your partnership in better shape

Some folks are thankful for a phenomenal crop this season, thanks to heaps of snow last winter giving residual moisture during our hot, dry summer. Unfortunately it seems that spouses may spend more attention on crop production than they do to their marriage partnerships, and the cracks are really showing up. I challenge you to […] Read more

Ten things farm moms really want

It would be fun for you to be a fly on the wall of my office when the calls from farm moms come in. They range in age from 33 to 93. Regardless of your age or stage as a farm mom, I bet there are things that you would like to be able to […] Read more

The firewall word picture fits our computer’s security, but I wonder if the approach of building a wall of protection around your farm is a good analogy?

Why create a ‘firewall’ against divorce?

First of all you need to recognize who and what you want to keep out

His face was weathered and worn as he approached me with wrinkled brows. “You talked about the fear of spousal breakup,” and I’m curious, how do I create a firewall to protect my farm?” (Note: he said “my farm,” not OUR farm). The firewall word picture fits our computer’s security, but I wonder if the […] Read more

Suddenly our life had changed

Would you be prepared if serious illness affected a family member?

People talk about life-changing moments. Some are good, like the birth of a baby; others are hard, such as the death of a family member. Over the years our family has seen a few but never as intensely as May 4, 2016 when my husband started getting ill. It was nothing remarkable. Our whole house, […] Read more

What’s the secret?

What makes three farms operating as one such a success?

What’s the secret?’ is a question the Weichel family is often asked. With three generations and multiple families working together as a unit, everyone wants to know what the secret is to keeping three farms operating like one. For 85-year-old Mike Weichel and his wife Babe, 80, the secret lies in the history of the […] Read more