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Brothers farming together can be a challenge.

And… I have a brother farming too

This can present a whole set of challenging situations

Brothers farming together can make for many different, interesting, and somewhat challenging dynamics. Oldest son syndrome. Birth order has been very well researched by Dr. Kevin Leman. Seek out his work for the different traits of first-born sons. My coaching experience tells me that some founders automatically default choosing the oldest son as successor which may not be a great idea if the younger sons or […] Read more

What good fathers do to embrace sons-in-law

One of the overlooked team players on the family farm is the son-in-law who is married to the successor, the daughter of the founders. Let’s consider some of the dynamics that you need to be aware of to help understand what is going on for the son-in-law (SIL). Why the SIL behaves the way he […] Read more