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Pulse weekly outlook: Fababean acres set to increase

MarketsFarm — Unpredictable weather overseas resulted in robust fababean prices during 2018’s harvest, and Canadian producers expect these prices to hold throughout the 2019 growing season. “For the growers that managed to get fababeans off their field, I think they were probably quite happy with the markets in 2018,” said Leanne Fischbuch, president of Alberta […] Read more

Pulse weekly outlook: Sector hopes for more fababeans

CNS Canada — While Statistics Canada is predicting a drop in fababean acres this year, an agronomist with Saskatchewan Pulse Growers hopes that isn’t the case. “We had about 50,000 acres for the last three years here in Saskatchewan. And we’re thinking that we’ll be maybe slightly below that,” said SPG agronomy manager Sherrilyn Phelps. […] Read more

Fababean growers should also make sure they don’t plant fababeans adjacent to last year’s fababean, pea, or lentil fields.

Yield-robbing fababean diseases

If you’re putting fabas in the ground, be ready to manage these common diseases

Farmers with aphanomyces-infested fields are faced with a tough decision. Stretch the rotation between susceptible pulse crops to six or eight years, or drop them altogether? Some farmers are opting for less susceptible pulses, including fababeans in moist areas. Of course, fababeans could be vulnerable to disease as well. Here are the foliar diseases fababean […] Read more

Fababean acreage muted this year

CNS Canada –– Lower pricing and a softer supply/demand ratio has fababeans trailing some of their more high-profile pulse cousins when it comes to grower intentions across the Canadian Prairies this year. “The marketplace is really being driven by lentils and peas. The indication for many growers is to put their acres into those type […] Read more

For the past 10 years we have been growing fababeans on irrigation in southern Alberta and have found them to be an asset to our rotation and crop diversity.

See if fababeans fit on your farm

Greg Stamp shares his per acre costs to help you decide if fabas might work for you

As you crunch the numbers on the net returns on each of your crops brought to your farm this season take a look at the benefits of growing fababeans on your farm. For the past 10 years we have been growing fababeans on irrigation in Southern Alberta and have found them to be an asset […] Read more