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Why does stress affect health?

Why does stress affect health?

Fit to Farm: To know that, we have to understand what it does to how we function

In my clinic, stress is one of many reasons clients complain of ongoing pain, tension and physical issues. I often get asked: “Can stress actually cause this much disease?” To answer that, we first have to understand stress and its effect on human function. Stress can be anything from exercise, change in routine, illness, caretaking, […] Read more

Our “usual” has been rudely interrupted, our connections kept at a distance and change forced upon many of us.

Stress management for uncertain times

Fit to Farm: During these pandemic times many have experienced stress-related symptoms

Big or small, we’ve all made sacrifices for the collective goal over the past months, and safe to say, experienced some level of stress-related symptom in our physical and emotional bodies. Common signs of stress, uncertainty, and overwhelm manifesting in the body include: Headaches, Fatigue, Malaise, Muscular tension, Stiff joints, Restlessness, Anxiety/depression, Transient moods, Bickering, […] Read more

Some things to know about stretching

Some things to know about stretching

Fit to Farm: Newer research suggests this may not have as much benefit as once thought

Static stretching — or long holds of a position — is a thing of the past when it comes to correcting tight muscles. Over the last number of years research has suggested that static stretching doesn’t actually have as much long-term benefit as once thought. This doesn’t mean it’s bad, or harmful, but it is […] Read more

Is running good for you?

Is running good for you?

Fit to Farm: Yes it can be but there are some things you need to know

A fitness rumour that is often heard is, “running isn’t good for you.” Is it true? The short answer is — no — running is not bad for you. However, using running as your only form of cross-training does have the potential for harm. Running without a planned-out strategy will likely end in burnout and […] Read more

Weight training — when done intelligently for each individual — is just as effective as other types of exercise in improving health.

The truth about weight training

Fit to Farm: When done properly it can be a very effective exercise routine

“At your age, should you really be lifting weights?” “Isn’t weight training dangerous for your joints? Does that really help you feel better?” “Aren’t you worried about getting injured again?” “I heard that weight training is bad for you — doesn’t it cause arthritis?” These are some things my clients have heard when their peers/families/friends […] Read more

Farmers have a culture of pushing through pain, but pain is generally not a beneficial thing to push through in terms of longevity in our health and performance.

Don’t just carry on if you’re experiencing pain

Fit to Farm: This can lead to burnout, injuries, illness, and lower stress tolerance

I see all sorts of complaints in the clinic, ranging from sore backs, tense shoulders, headaches, and acute injuries. When we’re going through a busy time, it’s important to keep in mind some simple tools to help prevent, and alleviate, the symptoms of busyness. Farmers have a culture of pushing through pain, but pain is […] Read more

The T-Twist.

Exercises to help prevent shoulder tension

Pain between the shoulder blades is a common complaint from farmers

Farmers often come to me complaining of pain and fatigue between the shoulder blades. This is an especially important area for humans as the shoulders are the core of our arms, in a sense. It’s not surprising that they are a common area of complaint, just as the low back is a common area of complaint when our […] Read more

legs older person, Knee Pain, elder osteoarthritis

What’s knee pain all about?

Usually the problem is actually coming from the hips or feet

After seeing an older woman in the clinic a few weeks into her post-knee replacement rehabilitation, her daughter approached me saying she knew she was headed in the same direction as her mom as she was already having knee and hip pain. She wanted to know if there was anything she could do to prevent […] Read more

Man Suffering From Back Pain Whilst Gardening

Low back pain common in farmers

High incidences due to the mix of manual labour and seated positions in most ag jobs

Low back pain — one of the world’s most prevalent musculoskeletal complaints. A study done in 2010 estimated that 21.7 billion people are affected globally per year from some form of low back pain, usually attributed to a work-related cause. The highest relative risk factor, according to the study, was agriculture-related work. Not surprising, given […] Read more