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Dare to lead and love your farm family

If you can understand the farm team’s thoughts and emotions you’ll have greater success figuring out issues and creating solutions

I am a big fan of Brene Brown’s work and encourage you to check out her insights. Recently I surveyed her newest book Dare To Lead (Random House 2018). When I read books I write notes at the back and then translate ideas gleaned for working with farm family communication. Brown is working to create […] Read more

Dump your grain, not your pain

Stop dumping anger and 
start creating a healthy legacy

The email subject line read “UNBELIEVABLE” in all caps, and I knew it wasn’t going to be a happy farm transition story. Fourteen bullet points ensued with anger, poor decision-making, people not taking responsibility for their inaction. After ingesting a dump load of angst my reply simply was, “And what do you want me to […] Read more

Emotional agility during harvest

This means if you have troubling thoughts or emotions you can still act in a way 
that serves how you most want to live

I love harvest. The golden glow of waving wheat, the meals in the fields, and the joy of everyone on the farm team working hard to “get ’er done!” 2017 is a stressful harvest for the folks suffering from drought, the after-effects of the 2016 delayed harvest, and a myriad of other issues. Regardless of […] Read more

Farm dads and emotions of quitting farming

It’s my 22nd Father’s Day column and I will do my best to not make “Charlie from Saskatchewan” feel like I am beating up farm dads! A reader asked me to write about the emotions of quitting farming. Let’s take the approach of the farm culture attributes farm founders appreciate. What might it feel like […] Read more