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Facing green push on farm, fertilizer makers look to sea for growth

Winnipeg/Oslo | Reuters — Two of the world’s biggest fertilizer producers, CF Industries and Yara International, are seeking to cash in on the green energy transition by reconfiguring ammonia plants in the U.S. and Norway to produce clean energy to power ships. The consumption of oil for transportation is one of the top contributors to […] Read more

FCC to offer flexibility in hurricane-battered areas

Farm Credit Canada says it plans to help its farmer clients in Atlantic Canada work around financial pressures following Hurricane Dorian’s passage through the region over the weekend. “We won’t know the full extent of damage for some time, but we’ve already heard that some customers will likely be facing some financial hardship as a […] Read more

Ontario power utilities offer farm water pump rebate

Ontario farmers buying certain types of high-efficiency water pumping systems for irrigation, horticulture or stock watering could now be up for rebates. Hydro One and Niagara Peninsula Energy (NPEI) on Friday announced the AgriPump rebate program, which the two electricity utilities described as the first plan of its kind in the province. For farmer customers […] Read more

Lee Hart’s brother Mark, in front of the original Hart family dairy farm.

They sure don’t milk cows like they used to

Hart Attacks: The original Hart dairy farm was nothing like the high-tech operations running today

I know I am the crop and livestock expert for Grainews (NOT) — fact is I’m just old, and no expert on anything — but every time I write a story about a dairy farming operation today, I can’t help but recall some childhood memories, growing up on an Eastern Ontario dairy farm. This past […] Read more

For all three setups, Chad Bown had the heater between the fan and the bin. This fan-heater-bin sequence is recommended for canola.

Turn up the heat on aeration fans when drying canola

Some growers grappling with a late harvest and high-moisture crops in 2016 added supplemental heaters to their aeration fans. This grower’s experience may inspire an upgrade to aeration setups for 2017

Things were a little off with Harvest 2016 and Chad Bown was desperate. The farmer from Ranfurly, Alta., was combining 14 per cent moisture canola in late November after a month or more of snow delays. Delivery locations were full, so on-farm storage was his only option. But aeration fans blowing cool air could not […] Read more

Even if OEM parts are no longer available, it’s possible to repair or rebuild a fuel gauge system in older machines with generic, off-the-shelf parts.

How to repair a faulty fuel gauge

Shop Class: Repairing or replacing a fuel level gauge system on older machines

One fault owners can almost certainly expect to develop on older machines and trucks is a fuel level gauge that eventually stops working. Repairing that problem isn’t too difficult, even if OEM replacement parts are no longer available. There are plenty of aftermarket components that can do the job. However, even though all fuel gauge […] Read more

Since Manitoba Hydo announced its solar incentive program, 
there has been an upsurge of interest in solar energy.

Incentives spur interest in solar energy

Thanks to solar energy, this farmer received a credit on his mid-winter energy bill

Tim Sawatzky never tires of the sight of the 80 solar panels that make up his 20.8 kilowatt (kW) solar energy system on his farm near MacGregor, Manitoba. He’s happy to talk about how pleased he is with the system, which is already saving him money three months after he installed it. Sawatzky gave his […] Read more

Ontario budget seeks tax flexibility for on-farm processing

The Ontario government has balanced its budget for the first time in since 2008 — but Thursday’s budget contained little news for agriculture and rural Ontario. Finance Minister Charles Sousa’s budget mostly highlighted agriculture programs that had already been announced, and maintains $100 million in funding for the provincial Risk Management Program, which helps offsets […] Read more

Relays use an internal electromagnet to turn on and off the flow of electricity.

How to check for a faulty relay

If a component isn’t working, is the relay to blame? Here’s how to check

Many electrical components in a vehicle or machine are controlled by a relay. So if a component isn’t working because electricity isn’t getting to it, there is a possibility the relay may be faulty. But determining whether or not a relay is defective requires a little basic investigation. Here’s how to go about it. First, […] Read more

Ontario greenhouse growers get competitiveness fund

The Ontario government is putting $19 million into a new initiative to support the competitiveness of the greenhouse sector in the province. Provincial Agriculture Minister Jeff Leal announced the funding on Thursday at Link Greenhouse near Bowmanville, just east of Oshawa. The Greenhouse Competitiveness and Innovation Initiative aims to provide funding for the creation of […] Read more