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Before assuming a parasitic power drain was causing the battery to go dead, we checked the charging system with a multimeter. The multimeter reading of about 14.5 volts with the tractor engine running indicated the alternator was doing its job.

How to track down an electrical fault

We trace the source of a tractors' parasitic power drain with a multimeter

Automotive electrical systems in newer machines that make extensive use of computer processors can be very complex and confusing. But there are a lot of machines on the farm with electrical systems that won’t have anywhere near that level of complexity, especially those with diesel engines and no computer controls. Finding and fixing electrical faults […] Read more

Modern blade fuses have replaced older glass-tube fuses on vehicles and machinery. Blade fuses come in three size: (left to right) low profile mini, mini, regular and maxi. Larger types have higher Amp ratings.

How to identify blade fuses

Blade-type automotive fuses have been an industry standard since 1981. 
We take a look at the different types and how to identify the one you need

You’ll have to look pretty hard to find a new vehicle or farm machine that still uses glass-tube electrical fuses, although there are still many older working machines equipped with them; and some other electrical gadgets still use them. New vehicles and farm machines now almost exclusively use blade style, also known as plug-in, fuses. […] Read more

With the multimeter’s dial set to (Ohms), its internal battery sends a small amount of voltage through one lead. If the leads are neither connected to each other nor touching a closed wiring circuit current won’t flow, and the digital readout will indicate an open loop, a “1” on this meter.

How to test an electric switch

We demonstrate how to use a multimeter to determine if a switch is functioning properly

When an electrical problem pops up in a vehicle or machine, you need to know if the switch that activates the problem circuit is working properly. A multimeter will help you figure that out. Set the multimeter’s dial to the (Ohm) position. The meter’s internal battery will then send a tiny current out through one […] Read more