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Let’s be honest about the filters we carry as farmers.

Froese: Clear, concise communication is better understood and received

Sometimes our automatic ‘filters’ get in the way of this so we need to be aware of what those could be

Elaine, I am feeling paralyzed and overwhelmed with this farm transfer thing.” “How do I talk to the kids without emotions running wild?” “We do fine until we try to get a sit-down family meeting with an agenda, then no one is really honest with what is going on here.” Communication that is clear, and […] Read more

Froese: Who gets to do what on the farm?

Froese: Who gets to do what on the farm?

Everyone should be aware of the family roles guide

Hope you are enjoying the longer days and warm sunshine on your farm. I also hope that panic is not rising as you anticipate getting ready for spring… whatever that means! I know a farmer who has April 20 as his magic target day for having all the equipment ready to go for seeding. As […] Read more

Froese: What is your model of forgiveness?

What conflict hits your farm what is your plan to make things better?

Happy Easter to one and all. Resurrection Sunday is a special celebration on our farm as we gather as family to celebrate a risen Saviour. We are a family of faith who farms. We also count our blessings when things are going smoothly and we are getting along. Some days, there is conflict, but it […] Read more

Froese: Creating a sense of urgency is a good thing

Froese: Creating a sense of urgency is a good thing

Don’t wait and let a health crisis be your motivator — act now

Elaine, we started talking about this in 2014, and man, that was seven years ago,” quips the overwhelmed founder of a fifth-generation farm. “We need to get this done before seeding.” Where is it written that you cannot have conversations from the tractor while you are on auto steer? Procrastination is killing agriculture. You didn’t […] Read more

Froese: ‘Shutdown’ insights to get folks to the transition table to talk

Froese: ‘Shutdown’ insights to get folks to the transition table to talk

Knowing some of the reasons why people shut down is good start to communication

The winter is cruising by and you are wondering if you are ever going to get a communication breakthrough to figure out “The Plan” for the future of your family and your farm. You might be the aging founder, the frustrated successor or the curious non-farm sibling. Whatever role you play, this scenario is impacting […] Read more

Farm marriages don’t need to get lost in fantasy or romantic dreams, but I do think it is time for validation of farm women.

Froese: Valentine validation of farm women and beyond

Time to affirm that your partner’s feelings and opinions are valid and worthwhile

One of the side-effects of being homebound during the “Great Pause” is that I’ve become very fond of the predictable story arc of Hallmark movies. We have a bit of a game to see if the first kiss is within the last 15 minutes of the show. Farm marriages don’t need to get lost in […] Read more

It’s time to bring people to the table to find what each person wants for their life, their family and their farm business.

Froese: How to pitch pride and get transition traction

If emotion is affecting transition — you need to talk

In 2003, Tom Hubler, a family business coach, told me “Pride and stubbornness” are barriers to a successful transition. This winter Beth Moore’s teaching has encouraged me to explore the aspects of pride that impact family harmony. Let’s dissect this touchy topic. 1. Heart. I am convinced the emotional factors affecting planning are keeping well-meaning […] Read more

Froese: St. Nick’s easy ways to kick-start succession success

Froese: St. Nick’s easy ways to kick-start succession success

How about some practical gifts that show you are serious about transition?

As Christmas approaches I wonder what special gifts would make your life easier. Most farm folks want better communication and harmony on their farm. What if you gave gifts this Christmas that shout loud and clear that you are ready to talk seriously about transition? Share gifts that create harmony through intentionally blocking time to […] Read more

Procrastination is killing agriculture. Way too many families are drifting with no clarity of expectations of each other or the future.

Froese: How to help founders get transition plans moving

Now is the time to check your mindset and consider how you can create certainty for yourself and the next generation

Long harvest hours give you time to think about what is working on your farm and what needs to be tweaked. Our thoughts drive our actions. It’s time to check your mindset to consider how you can create more certainty for yourself as the owner, and the next generation that wants a piece of equity […] Read more

How to get more time off on the farm

How to get more time off on the farm

This will mean considering some new approaches and making some intentional choices

Harvest is in high gear, cattle are moving and you think you cannot stop working. Your voice is louder and your sleep is lousy and you wonder if you are going to stay married with all the demands on your time. You have choices. Consider a new approach. Time for a mindset shift. 1. Track […] Read more