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Winter wheat grower Doug Martin has been trying a balanced fertility approach based on soil test recommendations on his farm.

How to break through the winter wheat yield ceiling

It takes a balanced fertility approach

Winter wheat yields in Manitoba over the past few years have been in the 60 to 70 bushel per acre range, but many varieties have a much higher yield potential — more than 100 bu/ac. What can western Canadian farmers do to break through that yield ceiling? Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) has a long association […] Read more

A high stocking density and moving cattle quickly through pastures works well for both 
beef production and waterfowl conservation objectives.

Cows and ducks work well together

Producer applies his rotational grazing system to conservation pastures

Ducks Unlimited Canada (DUC) and Rapid City, Manitoba area cattle producer Gerald Bos are working collaboratively on a project that’s a win-win situation for both by benefitting nesting waterfowl and Bos’s beef herd. The project revolves around ‘The Smith purchase’ — a half section of land that DUC bought in 1994, which happens to be […] Read more

Winter wheat seed: treatment pays

Winter wheat seed: treatment pays

A dual fungicide/insecticide seed treatment builds hardier winter wheat stands

Despite the benefits of winter wheat — weed competitiveness, high yield potential and a schedule that allows growers to spread out work load and capital costs — it’s still not a staple crop for many western Canadian farmers. Farmers say concerns about planting logistics and poor stand establishment are obstacles to growing winter wheat. To […] Read more

stripe rust

Producers, start scouting: stripe rust is spreading north

Producers in central Alberta — and even the Peace region — need to start scouting their winter wheat fields for signs of stripe rust

Stripe rust overwintering on three winter wheat fields in the Edmonton area is “concerning,” says a provincial winter wheat agronomist. “Last year, stripe rust overwintered in the central Alberta region, near Lacombe, Red Deer, and Olds, which was alarming because it really hasn’t overwintered in years,” said Janine Paly of Ducks Unlimited Canada. “Last year, […] Read more