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Supply chain working but canola groups have concerns

Federal field trials need to continue and growers need protective equipment, they say

There have been no issues so far with supplies of inputs and parts, transportation or oilseed processing during the pandemic, canola industry officials report. “We’ve been really focused on making sure farmers have access to inputs and resources to get the 2020 crop in the ground,” Canola Council of Canada president Jim Everson said during […] Read more

Start with good stock — stay healthy

Some diseases are hard to fix — the best approach is to avoid them

Raising livestock for a living means that they have to be productive. They must reproduce, be healthy, and not be labour-intensive. Nobody makes a profit raising sick animals. The University of Guelph and Semex have been moving forward studying this from a genetic standpoint. This is exciting because with the increase in prevalence of Johne’s, producing healthy […] Read more

 This kind of diarrheal mess at the back of a calf is clear sign of coccidiosis.

Tackling coccidiosis on several fronts

There are effective treatments, but the best approach is prevention

Coccidiosis can be one of the most frustrating diseases to treat in your young beef calves. If not caught early, death losses can be as high as 20 per cent and many calves will have enough intestinal damage to make them poor doers for life. Coccidiois has a long life cycle and the oocyst (like […] Read more

Putting thought into changing vaccine lines

Animal Health: With a bit of planning, it is possible to switch from one manufacturer to another

There are many difficult decisions to be made when changing the brand or manufacturer of a vaccine line. The real comparisons can be made when you know what specific diseases you need to vaccinate for in your herd, whether to use a modified live, killed, or combined program and rate the effectiveness of your original […] Read more

If you are using equipment and hauling it across someone’s land, ensure your equipment is clean first.

Biosecurity and visitors on the farm

Biosecurity is something we usually connect to livestock. 
These days grain farmers should be knowledgeable too

Anyone involved in animal agriculture is familiar with bio-security, especially in businesses involving confined livestock like birds (eggs and broilers) and swine. Beef and dairy have in the past few decades moved towards having stronger biosecurity measures in the face of FMD’s (foreign animal diseases) and increasing traceability for livestock movements. Farm visitors can be […] Read more