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While calves can be given a preventative treatment against coccidiosis, cows can be given a coccidiostat such as rumensin or monensin in the feed before calving to reduce shedding of the infective eggs onto the ground.

Coccidiosis still a threat to be monitored

Animal Health with Roy Lewis: Important to control internal and external parasites

Coccidiosis and internal parasitism are two clinical syndromes I thought we had rid from the cattle sector. But although they just about disappeared, they are on the comeback trail. It is important to know why along with new strategies to keep them at bay. Clinical signs, diagnosis and treatment must be periodically reviewed. Direct communication […] Read more

Deworming cows can add to profits

Proper dose can improve weight gains, and reduce parasite load on pasture

Just after the new year, a rancher who runs a few hundred late-spring cows called me. He was having difficulty getting his weaned calves on background feed and they were just not doing “good.” Although, he dewormed these calves once off-pasture with a commercial pour-on, I told him they might still have stomach worms. So […] Read more

Drought brings its own package of health risks for livestock

Pests, toxic plants and disease can all thrive under dry conditions

With the current lack of runoff moisture and few spring rains across much of Western Canada, certain disease conditions may become more prevalent. It will pay to be extra vigilant this year when checking your herds. We commonly see more blackleg and all the other clostridial diseases in dry conditions. With shorter grass, cattle and […] Read more