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Lots of seeds had germinated but failed to emerge from the soil. In some places, the plants had managed to emerge, but only their stems remained above ground.

Crop advisor casebook: The case of the desiccated canola

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the November 2, 2020 issue of Grainews

Matt is a grain farmer who grows 7,500 acres of wheat, malt barley, oats and canola at his place near Whitewood, Sask. He was out walking in his canola fields one day in early June when he came across some patches of withered, desiccated canola seedlings that fell apart as soon as they were touched. […] Read more

Green peas in the field

Pulse desiccant dos and don’ts

Agronomy tips... from the field

The devil’s in the details when it comes time to desiccate your pea, lentils and chickpeas. And with pulses worth more than they’ve ever been, it pays to have as smooth a harvest as possible. Here are a few fundamentals to keep in mind: The first step is to determine the natural maturity of the […] Read more

Blooming rapeseed field at sunset

Desiccants for dry down and your canola crop

Desiccants are more economical, but there 
are still limited applications for canola

Late spring frosts and extremely dry conditions in various parts of the Prairies mean a lot of farmers will face uneven maturity at harvest time — especially with canola crops that had to be reseeded in parts of Manitoba and Saskatchewan. The question is, what can they use pre-harvest to dry down their crops and […] Read more

Coverage is key when using desiccants

Coverage is key when using desiccants

A crop desiccant is an herbicide intended for the rapid drydown of the crop, not for long-term weed management. So it shouldn’t come as a surprise that applying a diquat-based desiccant entails a few distinctive “best practices.” Firstly, you need to use a higher water volume. Contact desiccants should be applied with at least 20 […] Read more

Desiccants will not speed up crop maturity. The general guideline is to apply at 30 per cent moisture.

Drying with desiccants in pulse crops

Desiccants can simplify pulse crop harvest and weed control, 
but make sure to read the label and know your MRLs

Given this year’s cool, wet spring, harvesting in a timely fashion might become a challenge. In pulse crops, desiccant use can be a critical component of harvest management to dry down any remaining green material in the field as well as deal with actively growing weeds. Dale Risula, Saskatchewan’s provincial special crops specialist, starts almost […] Read more