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Jarrett Jackson is an agronomist and market development representative for Bayer Crop Science. Demonstration plots across Western Canada serve several purposes, he says, such as to showcase new Dekalb varieties or illustrate different agronomic treatments. Also, research plots are monitored and harvested to provide data that will be used to support registration of new varieties as well as the performance of new chemistries, fungicides and seed treatments.

New crop protection products and varieties from Bayer and Dekalb

Corn, soybean and canola varieties debuted as well as Buteo Start, Proline Gold and more

With the 2020 research and demonstration plot season wrapped up except for the final number crunching, Bayer Crop Science is planning to increase its product offering to western Canadian farmers in 2021 with several new corn, soybean and canola varieties, and potentially some effective new crop protection products now in the approval pipeline. Demonstration sites, […] Read more

Bags Of Money On A Farm Field

The 2017 crop input rebate roundup

Different input companies offer widely different rebate programs. Use the one that suits your needs

Some of the companies Grainews contacted for our annual “rebate roundup” feature say they don’t offer rebates — they prefer to stick to simple prices. Other farm input suppliers have plans so elaborate you’ll need a calculator to figure out how much cash you’re getting back. Whether you prefer simple up-front pricing or that “just […] Read more

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New corn varieties for 2017

With more than 20 new corn varieties, farmers have some research to do

If you’re farming in a corn-growing area in Western Canada, you’ll have more than 20 new varieties to consider for your 2017 rotations. New genetics bring higher yields and better disease packages, while shorter-season varieties may expand the corn-growing regions to new areas. BrettYoung BrettYoung E50P52 R: E50P52 R is a new VT Double PRO […] Read more

This plot of DuPont Pioneer’s new variety P7005AM was on display at the Ag In Motion outdoor farmshow, near Saskatoon last summer.

New corn varieties ready for 2016

Get ready to research. Twenty new grain and silage corn varieties are hitting the market

Seed companies have reported a total of 13 new corn varieties on the market for the first time in 2016. These are only the new varieties available for the next crop year — this list doesn’t include other varieties that have been released in recent years. Dow Seeds 4085 grain corn 4085 has Herculex Xtra […] Read more

Like the soybeans in this photo, most of the new varieties hitting the market for 2015 have the RR2 gene.

New soybean varieties for 2016

There will be nine new Roundup Ready soybean varieties on the market next spring

All but one of the nine new soybean varieties hitting the market for the first time in 2016 have one thing in common: their genes. Eight of the new varieties use the Roundup Ready 2 gene. Brett Young Notus R2 Notus R2 is a new early-maturing soybean from Elite. At 2300 CHU it fits well […] Read more

New canola varieties for 2016

New canola varieties for 2016

With 16 new varieties ready for ordering, 
farmers have a lot of choices to make

Get out your pencils. (Or iPads. It’s going to be 2016.) There are 16 new canola varieties available for next spring. Add these new choices to the strong varieties that have come out in the past few years, and western Canadian farmers have some tough decisions to make. This list is a quick roundup of […] Read more

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New corn varieties for 2015

Early maturing varieties are pushing corn into new growing regions

UPDATED, NOV. 20, 2014 – Soybeans aren’t the only crops pushing into new areas. Seed companies are releasing more early-maturing corn varieties again this year, in a bid to expand the growing region. Some of the thriftiest new varieties, in terms of corn heat units, include DuPont Pioneer’s P7332R (2050 corn heat units) and P7410HR […] Read more