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Young corn growing in a field.

Is soil compaction affecting your yield potential?

If farmers want to continue to increase yields, they may need to pay more attention to the condition of the soil, says an agronomist

We’re subsoiling soils all over this planet. People have been doing it for tens and tens of years, successfully,” said Elston Solberg, senior agri coach and president of Agri-Trend Agrology, during a field day near Liberty, Saskatchewan. “It’s going to be a big part of agriculture in Western Canada as sure as I’m standing here. […] Read more

Soil tilling shanks.

What to look for in a deep ripper

The shape of your shank depends on your type of soil

If you’re considering the purchase of a deep ripper implement to remove compaction in your fields, there are a few basic differences to keep in mind. First, there are a couple of basic shank shapes on the market. The curved shape on the front of some shanks reduces their draft load, making them easier to […] Read more

How to use a deep ripper

De-compacting as part of an overall strategy

There are all kinds of tools to consider when doing homework to determine which fields are candidates (for deep ripping) and which aren’t,” said Elston Solberg, director of agronomics at Agri-Trend. He was talking about soil compaction at a field day event sponsored by Tri Star Farm Services of Emerald Park, Saskatchewan, in October. Standing […] Read more