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Agrifoods gets license for A1 protein-free milk brand

Dairy co-op to bring New Zealand's a2 Milk brand to Canada

A major Canadian dairy co-operative specializing in organic and grass-fed products is entering the market for A1 protein-free milk with a license for a major international brand. Agrifoods Cooperative announced Wednesday it has an exclusive licensing agreement with New Zealand-based a2 Milk Co. to process and sell dairy products under the a2 Milk brand in […] Read more

Phosphorus can be too much of a good thing

The Dairy Corner: Following recommendations can save $3,700 a year in feed costs for a 100-head dairy herd

Maybe it started when an infertile cow was seen licking and then eating dirt in a field? Eating dirt was often associated with a phosphorus deficiency in cattle and somewhere along the line, phosphorus became associated as “a health and breeder mineral.” Consequently, feeding phosphorus to dairy cows, over and above their essential phosphorus requirement […] Read more

Keeping dairy cows clean and properly bedded is an important part of reducing the risk of mastitis at any time of the year.

Cold temps no guard against dairy mastitis

Mastitis flareups occur any time mastitis organisms are given the chance to enter the teat canal. While many dairy herds have had outbreaks during hot weather, a serious mastitis problem can occur any time, including during the coldest winter months of the year. Whether dairy cows from the milkline spend their off-milking hours in an […] Read more