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The museum on the edge of Spiritwood has a large collection of items from the past as seen here.

Rural museums keep history alive

It’s not only the collections they hold but the stories they tell that are preserved

Almost every town has one — sometimes standing alone on the Prairies. In train stations without tracks and fading catalogue homes the treasures lie, but it isn’t just the museums themselves, it’s the tales of another time in that specific place. “Objects are seldom important in and of themselves. Rather, they are like props in […] Read more

book entitled, Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens

Saskatchewan kitchens of the past

A review of Out of Old Saskatchewan Kitchens by Amy Jo Ehman

One year for Christmas, my grandma tucked under the tree one of my most memorable presents. Wrapped in a clear plastic bag — topped with a festive ribbon — was a pile of books. Well into her 80s and living with us, she gifted me with her cookbook collection. After all, she said, I had […] Read more