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Drone provides a new field perspective

Ground truthing is still important, but drones can identify problem areas

Randi Wenzel says even basic operation of a drone over annual crops and pastures on their south-central Saskatchewan mixed farm provides some very useful management information, along with some peace of mind. Wenzel, who farms with family members south of Central Butte, has been flying a drone during the cropping and grazing seasons for the […] Read more

Red-backed cutworms.

Summer scouting timing: cutworms

Q & A with Nutrien Ag Solutions

Q: When and how should I scout for cutworms? A: With a new growing season upon us, growers must keep a watchful eye for pests in their fields. One early-season pest is cutworms. Cutworms have a ferocious appetite for young developing plants. They can be a problem in many western Canadian crops but canola is most susceptible […] Read more

An insect was causing these pinholes in Lenny’s crop. But which one? Not all corn varieties were impacted.

Crop advisor casebook: Pest leaves puzzling pinholes in corn silage

A Crop Advisor's Solution from the January 8, 2019 issue of Grainews

Lenny is a central Alberta producer who owns a farm west of Irma where he grows corn silage for his purebred Simmental cattle herd. We have been working with Lenny and his corn silage plot for three years now, and I examine the plot about once every week during the growing season to monitor its […] Read more

When it comes to crop insects, what’s the latest buzz on the Prairies?

The right treatment and spray strategies will give you the best line of defence

Every new production season arrives with its own set of profit-munching insect challenges. Grasshoppers, wheat midge and sawfly can wreak havoc in cereal crops while flea beetles and bertha armyworm take their toll on the canola. The list keeps growing, and the ability of these pests to adapt to changing conditions is nothing short of […] Read more