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Bags Of Money On A Farm Field

What’s the price of that crop input?

Everyone likes a rebate. Cash-back cheques are nice to have, but we know they don’t have a lot of influence over your purchasing decisions. It would be much more helpful if you could turn to these pages and see the actual product prices. I’m sure you’ve noticed that most news stories about improved fungicides, newly-registered […] Read more

Check out the page on the Alberta Agriculture and Forestry website.

Fertilizer prices, now and into spring

Timing fertilizer purchases is a guessing game. Here’s one expert’s take on the issue

The time to buy fertilizer is now, if you don’t have enough stored up on the farm. December and January, if you look at numbers from the last ten years, is the best time to buy fertilizers if you have the resources and space, says Todd Bergen-Henengouwen, project assistant at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry, because […] Read more