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Farm management: Getting from good to great

Farming is a numbers game. Make sure you 
make the most of the details on your farm

In March, I spent four days traveling from Grande Prairie to Lethbridge as part of the Leading Edge Farm Management series sponsored by the Alberta Canola Producers Commission and I had the good fortune to be in the company of some very accomplished individuals. Dr. Danny Klinefelter from Texas A+M University who, I would say, […] Read more

Jake Leguee, who along with his parents, Russ and Sharon, and older sister Sarah, operates a 12,000 acre grain, oilseed and pulse crop farm between Filmore and Weyburn, Sask.

Knowing production costs is important

Calculating your costs to produce grain is an important part of marketing

Having a good handle on the production and marketing side of their south Saskatchewan farm is obviously important, but Jake Leguee says one of the most useful tools in overall management is knowing their breakeven point. The Leguees keep close tabs on their inputs and returns per acre for each crop. While they obviously target […] Read more

Estimating costs of production

If you haven't calculated your costs of production on the farm, government numbers can help get you started

Market analysts don’t always agree on price forecasts, but at every farm marketing presentation at least one analyst gives out the same piece of advice: know your cost of production. Calculating production costs is time consuming and frustrating. As soon as you’re done, the prices change. Here are four reasons to do it anyway: If […] Read more