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Froese: What is your model of forgiveness?

What conflict hits your farm what is your plan to make things better?

Happy Easter to one and all. Resurrection Sunday is a special celebration on our farm as we gather as family to celebrate a risen Saviour. We are a family of faith who farms. We also count our blessings when things are going smoothly and we are getting along. Some days, there is conflict, but it […] Read more

Froese: Assumption-free living on your farm

Froese: Assumption-free living on your farm

Don’t assume you know the reason for another’s actions — ask for clarification

A weary-looking farm woman waits patiently in line making sure she is the last one to speak to me privately after my keynote. She has just one question. “When is the right time to start including our daughter-in-law in family business meetings; she doesn’t know a thing!” How would you respond? Reflective listening is activated, […] Read more

Family with three children (3-9) walking on muddy road, cows in background, rear view

Top ‘phrases’ for coaching farm families

The Elaine Froese (phrase) that pays

One snowy day at a beautiful ranch home in southern Alberta around the expansive kitchen table, the farm team said, “Elaine you should make a list of your top phrases that you use in coaching.” “OK,” I said, knowing that many of the best projects are started by attentive practical ranchers and farmers who call […] Read more

Too frosted to forgive?

Forgiveness is an issue that farm families need to take a look at

Man, I can’t believe that guy, every time I make a mistake, he just can’t accept my apology, and he keeps really good track… for years!” Does your farm team have the ability to apologize, and accept mistakes? I was saddened to hear a young farmer confide with me that in all his years, he […] Read more