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When kids have always received something, whether it is money, assets or help, they can come to expect it.

What if adult farm children don’t behave like adults?

Refuse to interact when you are being talked to in a disrespectful manner

As founders we all want our children to be happy and successful, but when kids have aged into adults we hope they are grateful for opportunity and don’t take advantage of our generosity. When kids have always received something, whether it is money, assets or help, they can come to expect it. A sense of […] Read more

How to have the perfect seeding baby

Nurse Loves Farmer: During seeding on the farm may not be the best time to have a baby but it all worked out

Ever since we had our second baby boy after harvest in 2012, I wondered if we would have just one more. Maybe we’d get a little girl to add to our family, or maybe we were just perfect as we were with our two little boys. We hemmed and hawed for 2-1/2 years unable to […] Read more

Farm safety for tweens and teens

They’re no longer children, but they’re not fully-matured adults yet

Gone are the days here where the number of hands determined the success of the farm, regardless of the age of those hands. We no longer have to ask children to risk their health and education to ensure the family farm makes a profit. That does not lessen the desire for our young people to […] Read more

Create safe play areas for kids

This year, for Canadian Agricultural Safety Week, the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association is working towards “Keeping Kids Safe” as a part of the three-year theme of “Be An Ag Safe Family.” Part of keeping kids safe on the farm is creating, using, and maintaining a safe play area. Play teaches children co-operation. Play helps children […] Read more

Working with returning kids

Learn how to relate to the next generation when they come home to farm

In a high-energy keynote presentation at this year’s FarmTech conference in Edmonton Jason Dorsey, a U.S.-based expert on generational differences and the chief strategy officer of the Center for Generational Kinetics, briefed a packed conference hall on the sources of strife between parents and children in family businesses. His audience was ready to hear his […] Read more

Raising kids down on the farm

It’s not all one long Disney movie, but there are also many lifestyle benefits

It’s a cliché, but it’s a cliché because there’s some truth to it. Farms are great places for kids to build character. I asked farmers on Twitter what they thought about raising kids on farms. Work ethic kept coming up. Terry James, an Alberta farmer, said some employers value former farm kids for their work […] Read more