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measuring a cow's girth

Linear measuring points to better grass-fed genetics

A Manitoba grass-fed beef producer uses a set of 
homemade calipers to select the best cattle

As consumers continue to drive demand for grass-fed beef, some producers are rethinking their cattle genetics to select for animals that will be the most productive on forages. Brian Harper has been using linear measuring as part of his beef genetic selection process since 2007, and has seen steady improvements in the quality of his […] Read more

farmyard with cattle

Seeing the value of your farm beyond beef and grain

There may not be an immediate cash market for tranquility, but the day is coming

It is definitely catalogue season. Based on past purchases and connections through work I generally receive around 150 to 200 bull sale catalogues each year, as well as lots of general farm supply and auction catalogues. All of this glossiness has spurred a lot of thinking about the products we sell from our farms and […] Read more