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Once breeding season is over, bulls need to be on decent grass with proper minerals so they can rebuild body condition for next year.

Bulls need to rebuild after breeding season

A proper feed and mineral program prepares them for next year

By midsummer, most producers pull their bulls from the spring cow herd, mainly to maintain a desirable 60-day breeding season and to avoid any temporary sterility caused by heat stress. As a beef nutritionist, I advocate that bulls be treated with lots of attention during the post-breeding season. They should be put on a good […] Read more

The cost of pregnancy and depreciation of an animal are two costs people often don’t value enough, says one Montana cattle producer.

Breeding strategies might break the accepted mould

Think about what you're trying to achieve and the best way to get there

A change in direction for a cow-calf producer’s operation is sometimes required for a wide range of reasons from market shifts to personal finances. To modify breeding strategies or reproductive timelines and tactics, several decisions need to be made. Billy Whitehurst, owner and operator of Makale Livestock in Whitehall, Montana, has been in the cattle […] Read more

Make sure cows have a good body condition score and aim for a 60-day breeding and calving season.

A short 60-day breeding season leads to profit

Produces a more uniform batch of calves and higher weaning weights

The calving season is well underway on the Prairies, with some cow-calf operations calving with snow on the ground, while others plan to calve on pasture. Regardless of the starting date, the length of the calving season is directly related to the length of the previous breeding season. Research shows moving toward a desirable 60-day […] Read more

Ed Snook, owner of Snook Ranch.

A.I. has fit with commercial herds

Effective means to tap into the best genetics

Artificial Insemination (A.I.) is an efficient and quick method to improve the genetics of a cow herd, and it’s becoming more popular with commercial cattle producers as training/certification programs become available. A.I. has opened the door for commercial cattlemen to breed to the very best bulls in the industry, allowing them to use the large […] Read more

Mom, Heather Eppich and son Joseph, saddled up for a ride.

Breeding season begins

With moisture to help the grass, cows and bulls head out to pasture

May turned out to be a warm month. We were lucky enough to get several rainstorms toward the end of May and beginning of June — very happy to get the much-needed moisture. On May 12 our last Bannerlane heifer calved. There was only one foot presented so we put her in the maternity pen […] Read more

Very doable synchronization programs

Animal Health: Timing and attention to detail are key for breeding beef by AI

Several factors must be considered when deciding what AI synchronization program to use in your herd. One of the first is whether you have the time to heat detect yourself or if you want timed breeding. Cost is a consideration, as timed AI programs require more financial commitment and more passes through the chute. The three main synchronization programs I find most successful […] Read more

Brittany Enns

Young Peace farmer has farming in her blood

This 26-year old woman is growing her herd in B.C.

To Brittany Enns, a 26-year old Peace Country farmer, the hard work, dedication and attention to detail that come with an agricultural lifestyle are nothing new. Farming is in her blood on both sides of her family. Moving from Carrot River, Saskatchewan to B.C.’s Peace Country in 1986, Brittany’s parents Walter and Dolores Enns started […] Read more