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Toromont to buy Cat dealer Hewitt

Reuters — Toromont Industries said Monday it would buy privately held Hewitt Group for about $1.02 billion in cash and shares to expand its network of heavy equipment dealers in Eastern Canada. Through the deal, Concord, Ont.-based Toromont will acquire Hewitt’s 45 Caterpillar dealerships in Quebec, the Maritimes, Labrador and Ontario, increasing the number of […] Read more

Caterpillar says compliant with tax laws after IRS claim

Reuters — Caterpillar Inc. said Friday it was compliant with tax laws, a week after federal law enforcement officials raided three of the company’s buildings in connection with a probe into the heavy machinery manufacturer’s offshore tax practices. The Internal Revenue Service (IRS) has challenged the company’s taxes for the years 2007-2012, the company said […] Read more

U.S. authorities raid Caterpillar’s Illinois facilities

Chicago | Reuters –– U.S. federal law enforcement officials searched three facilities of heavy machinery manufacturer Caterpillar on Thursday, prompting a sharp sell-off in the company’s stock. A spokeswoman for the U.S. Attorney Office for the Central District of Illinois, Sharon Paul, confirmed that federal law enforcement officials conducted searches at locations in Peoria, East […] Read more

The Hamm family originally used this D4 Cat in their sawmill,  and  they  still  use  it  to  put  up  wood  to  heat  their  shops,  as  well  as  one home.

Keeping the old Cat running

On his ranch near Turtle Lake, Wilfred Hamm is still using his 820 John Deere and D4 Caterpillar

Wilfred Hamm has a large collection of old and antique farm machinery, and much of it is still used on his ranch near Turtle Lake, Saskatchewan. Wilfred uses an 820 John Deere for cultivating summer fallow. The 820 John Deere is a two-cylinder diesel. It has a four-cylinder pony engine which runs on gas. Wilfred […] Read more

Cutaway view of the components in the original Challenger 65 design.

How engineers invented the rubber-belted ag tractor

Part two: We finish the story by revealing how two research engineers at Caterpillar teamed up to merge ag crawlers with rubber belts

In the late 1970s, Caterpillar had been selling a limited number of SA (Special Application) crawlers to farmers. But the high-horsepower, articulated, four-wheel drive ag tractors that were pouring onto the market were eating into demand for those machines. For that and other reasons Caterpillar executives eventually decided to develop and market their own four-wheel […] Read more

The first belted ag tractor to hit the market was Caterpillar's Challenger 65.

How engineers developed the rubber-belted tractor

Part One: In the late 1970s Caterpillar was looking for a way to 
break into the ag tractor market. It had two options

This year even a casual stroll through a farm machinery show will reveal the obvious trend toward increased use of rubber-belted track systems. And manufacturers have recently introduced even more options for those who want the benefits that technology offers. In less than three decades belts have gone from the fringe to the mainstream, so […] Read more