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Carburetors can be complicated, but careful attention to detail during disassembly and a methodical approach can make rebuilding one a straightforward job.

How to overhaul your own carburetor

In this instalment of Shop Class, we get back to the basics of carburetors

In the mid 1980s, carburetors quickly gave way to fuel injection systems in new cars and trucks. But it’s likely there are still a few carbureted engines on machines in nearly every Prairie farmyard. That handy ATV and small grain auger engine are probably two places they can be found. And, of course, there is […] Read more

How to pick a replacement carb

Occasionally when working on older machines, it’s common to come across a carburetor that is no longer serviceable. But finding an exact replacement can sometimes be very difficult, or prohibitively expensive. If a new OEM replacement isn’t an option and a search for a used part isn’t working out, there is little choice but to […] Read more