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The plant on the 
left is healthy. 
The plant on the right is sulphur deficient.

Avoid nutrient deficiencies in your canola

With some advance planning, 
this won’t happen to you

Nutrient deficiencies in canola are rarely an issue for canola growers, but mobility and environmental issues can inhibit uptake. Having a good plan, though, goes a long way. Warren Ward, agronomy specialist, Canola Council of Canada, explains. When they do surface, nutrient deficiencies don’t show up in all corners of the field, but in irregular […] Read more

The Canola 100 Challenge was launched at the Ag In Motion farm show in July 2015. From left to right, these are president and CEO of Glacier Media, Jon Kennedy; Rob Saik, former president of Agri-Trend Agrology and creator of the Canola 100 Challenge — Agri-Prize; and Yancy Wright, senior agronomist with John Deere.

Canola Challenge: learning to feed the world

The idea is to encourage farmers to push the limits and think outside the box

The world needs food and everyone needs a challenge. Put those two things together and you come up with something like the Canola 100 Challenge, that over the past three years piqued the interest of more than 100 Canadian canola growers who put their agronomic and management skills to the challenge of producing a 100 […] Read more

Canola Council resets course for ‘efficiencies’

Facing new limits on available funding, Canada’s canola value chain organization plans to refocus its work on its “core strengths” and collaborate with other players. The Canola Council of Canada on Wednesday announced a revised work plan, coming out of a “priorities review” undertaken after one of Canada’s biggest grain companies called a halt to […] Read more

The basic message for producers from researchers, seed companies and crop specialists is don’t rely any longer on old seeding rules of thumb such as five pounds of canola per acre, or 1.5 bushels of wheat.

Canola going down for the count

Like Goldilocks: you don’t want too few or too many, but the count that’s just right

It’s a message being delivered with all western Canadian field crops these days, but canola seed suppliers such as BASF’s InVigor line (formerly Bayer products) are clearly making the point — know the seed count going through the air seeding system and follow that up with a plant count in the field. InVigor, for the […] Read more

Canola growers face the reality that the most profitable field crop they grow is in grave danger.

Clubbed to debt: the rise of clubroot

Protect your best cash crop from the hazards of clubroot by taking these precautions

I first ran into the clubroot disease of crucifers on the farm where I grew up in West Wales. Farmers did not know much about the disease other than it came from purchasing cabbage transplants and it was most destructive on sour soil, a term for acidic soil. Control was stated to involve heavy liming […] Read more

Hofer encourages farmers to drive
over this drop pan — they won’t be damaged.

Combine loss drop pan

This homemade grain catcher helps farmer fine-tune combine settings

When David Hofer’s equipment stopped meeting his needs, he did something farmers have done for millennia: he jerry-rigged something that works better. In this case, it’s a combine loss drop pan made of nylon tarp and fiberglass rods that can be thrown directly under combine wheels without bending or breaking. Hofer farms around 10,000 acres […] Read more

Four steps for better seeding this spring

It’s an age-old conundrum: You need to expand so you acquire more acres of land to get more return, but then the rush to get a crop in means seeding some acres too early, too late, or too fast. “There’s a lot of potential for making a mistake when it comes to seeding,” said Harry […] Read more