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Let me save Christmas for you

Lee Hart offers up some early Christmas shopping suggestions to suit everyone

Do you have your Christmas shopping done yet? Come on people there are only 49 days left and for people of a certain age you know how fast days fly by. And have I got a couple good gift ideas for you. I’m not usually an early Christmas shopper, but it was a “gift” I […] Read more

The Calgary Telus Convention Centre, north building. (

Farm Forum Event under new management

The company behind Canada’s two biggest outdoor farm shows is expanding to the great indoors as the new operator of another well known Canadian farm industry event. Glacier FarmMedia announced Monday it has acquired and will assume management of the Farm Forum Event, an annual professional development event for farmers, starting with its 20th anniversary […] Read more

Blooming rapeseed field at sunset

Canola 100 “game on” for 2018

The big green prize is still out there waiting to be claimed at the end of the coming growing season

Merle Klassen is definitely “in” for competition for the big green prize in 2018. Klassen, who farms with family members near Linden, about an hour north of Calgary is yield leader so far in a Canada wide contest among canola growers to produce a 100 bushel canola crop. Klassen produced 85.88 bushels per acre on […] Read more

As growers know, canola can be a very durable crop able to bounce back from heavy rain, insect pests and even to some extent hail events. It does have its limits, but despite adversity can recover amazingly well. With good agronomic practices and variable weather conditions the question is still to be answered — did any fields in the 2017 Canola 100 challenge produce that magic yield?

Extra canola inputs appear to pay off

That 100-bushel yield still a bit elusive, but growers are pushing their fields to the limits

David Harrish figures the extra agronomic attention he paid to a Canola 100 contest plot on his north-central Alberta farm in 2017 would probably pay off for the rest of his canola acres. Harrish, who dished out some extra TLC to about 70 acres of Pioneer Hi-Bred canola this past season, says it produced about […] Read more

Rob Saik says he is pleased with farmer participation in the Canola 100 challenge, and impressed with decent yields despite adverse growing conditions.

Drumroll for the 2017 Canola 100 challenge results

Results of the second year of the contest to find a 100-bushel canola yield to be announced this week

Is the “green” going home this year? That’s the question that will be answered this first week of December as the results of the 2017 Canola 100 challenge are revealed at the Agri-Trend Agrology Farm Forum conference in Calgary. This is the second year of the three-year Canola 100 contest challenging canola growers from across […] Read more

Mother Nature shreds canola contest plans

Two major hail events takes 2016 yield leader out of the running

Mike Nelson is all too familiar with the fact you can plan the best possible agronomy program for canola, but Mother Nature has to sign off first. Nelson, who farms with family members near Westaskiwin, Alta., was the yield leader in the 2016 Canola 100 challenge producing a verified yield of 81.6 bushels per acre […] Read more

Visitors to Ag In Motion walked past the Canola 100 plots on their way from the parking lot to the show.

High intensity, high yield. Canola plots at Ag In Motion

Ag In Motion Plots: A look back at some of the canola plots at the show

The best thing about an outdoor farm show is the opportunity to actually see crops growing and take a look at real-life equipment working in the field. With the Canola 100 Agri-Prize challenge underway, Glacier FarmMedia saw the Ag In Motion outdoor farm show near Saskatoon in July as the perfect opportunity to demonstrate high-intensity […] Read more

Stoller adds products for its Canola 100 effort

Ag In Motion Plots: Boosting yields with micro-nutrients

Stoller Enterprises Limited applied several of its products to its Canola 100 plot at the Ag In Motion farm show near Saskatoon last July. There are 140 products in Stoller’s portfolio, and they added as many of these as they could to increase their plot yields. Kip Workman, Stoller Enterprises’ commercial product manager for Canada, explains Stoller’s […] Read more

AIM visitors saw BASF plots on their way from the parking shot to the main show.

BASF showcases fungicides

Ag In Motion Plots: BASF brought new fungicides to its Canola 100 plots at Ag In Motion

The BASF test plots at the Ag In Motion Canola 100 site were managed to showcase our canola innovations, proven disease control and AgCelence plant health benefits. We know blackleg is of growing concern for many canola growers in Western Canada. BASF promotes an integrated management program that includes R rated genetics and a fungicide […] Read more

Agrium uses ESN to get to 100 bushels

Ag In Motion Plots: Agrium used its Canola 100 plot at AIM to showcase controlled release fertilizer

Agrium used its Ag In Motion canola plots to show visitors how ESN controlled release fertilizer can help farmers get to 100 bushels per acre. The plan included a lot of fertilizer. “My intention was to look at growing 100 bushel canola based on crop removal rates, having high rates of phosphate, high rates of […] Read more