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Brewing canary seed

Brewing canary seed

Will Canary Seed Blonde set the stage for a new market 
for your canary seed?

We all know that canary seed is no longer just for the birds. But is it for the brewers? It was a question on Lauren Wensley’s mind when she was discussing a new malting barley with a “friend of a friend” who works with Rebellion Brewing in Regina. Rebellion is known for trying out small, […] Read more

Canaryseed for the people

Nine agronomic facts about growing canaryseed, Canada’s newest food product

In 2006, the Canaryseed Development Commission of Saskatchewan (CDCS) formed around a single purpose: to gain approval for the use of canaryseed for human consumption. Checkoff dollars and government programs funded extensive research led by food microbiologist, Carol Ann Patterson. For a decade, canaryseed was put through thousands of hours of toxicological, nutritional, and compositional […] Read more

Seed bread

Canary seed approved for humans

And why not? It’s nutritious and gluten free

I got the news, appropriately, via Twitter, i.e. a tweet: Canary seed has been granted the status of human food. Last month, regulatory authorities in Canada and the United States gave canary seed the human stamp of approval. Which raises the question, if canary seed is for the birds, why would we humans flock to […] Read more

Hurdles still ahead for food-approved canary seed

CNS Canada — Canary seed has been ruled fit for human consumption by Health Canada — a victory for an industry working toward that goal for years — but it’s just one step of many to get canary seed onto plates. Canary seed, until now used almost exclusively as birdseed, has received novel food approval […] Read more