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Watch those pricing signs

Grade and protein spreads change during the year. Take advantage of change to increase your profits

My last column talked about futures spreads, and how you understand what’s happening in the marketplace by watching how and why spreads change over time. Now, a look at more pricing signals: grade and protein spreads. During the era of the Canadian Wheat Board, grade and protein spreads changed very little throughout the marketing year. The CWB, […] Read more

There’s a new processing giant on the block

Change is in store for farmers with the sale of Legumex Walker's Special Crops Division

On November 9, 2015 Legumex Walker shareholders voted overwhelmingly to accept The Scoular Company’s offer to buy its Special Crops Division for $94 million. The completion of the transaction is subject to regulatory approval and is expected to close by the end of November. This marks the end of Legumex Walker’s journey as one of […] Read more

Former UGG, CWB chief Lorne Hehn, 79

Lorne Hehn, at his funeral last week, was remembered as the Saskatchewan farmer-turned-businessman who led the Canadian Wheat Board toward its next-to-last incarnation as a farmer-controlled marketing agency. Hehn, who died Sept. 16 at age 79, had farmed at Markinch, about 65 km north of Regina, and was involved in several farm organizations, becoming a […] Read more

Farmers play last card in planned CWB class action

One claim remaining from an unsuccessful bid at a class action suit by four Prairie farmers, over payouts to producers from the former Canadian Wheat Board, will be the farmers’ basis for a new filing. The four farmers, whose previous proposed class action was dismissed with costs in April by the Supreme Court of Canada, […] Read more

Wheat Growers still going strong

In recent issues of Grainews I’ve been using this space to write about some of the many farm organizations working on our behalf. I’ve covered levy-collecting organizations, general farm organizations and how soybeans are represented. Now, it’s time to look at some of the political organizations. Let’s start with the right — the Western Canadian […] Read more

Understanding today’s wheat basis

It’s not always simple to calculate the true basis these days. Here’s an example

In my previous article I was remiss in detailing the fact that there are costs for freight, elevation and handling that must be accounted for within the wheat basis that the grain companies post. To clarify a few things I am going to do a complete calculation of price, costs and basis levels starting with […] Read more

How you’re funding the WGRF

In the last issue of Grainews we ran a story about farm research levies. That was just the first in a series of articles about the organizations representing Prairie farmers. In this column: the Western Grains Research Foundation. You’re funding that. Your money gets to the WGRF in two ways. We’ll start with your levies. […] Read more

Knife to a gun fight

Farm talk: Grain marketing has changed. Farmers need to be ready to deal with the new reality

Have you ever heard the expression “Never take a knife to a gun fight?” It’s good advice. Unless you are armed with as good a weapon as your foe you are most likely to face defeat, or at least a good thrashing. That lesson was not lost on western Canadian farmers through the years they […] Read more