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How grain companies are changing the numbers: Part 2

Know grain handling and cleaning charges to negotiate better prices

In my last column, I discussed how total grain production and total grain exports have not increased dramatically over the last five years. So why are grain companies building new facilities over this same time period? Grain handling is a volume and numbers business. If grain companies don’t handle the volume, they need to “change […] Read more

Former Conservative ag critic won’t run again

A former Conservative agriculture critic best known for his work on the Canadian Wheat Board file won’t return to the House of Commons after this fall’s election. David Anderson, MP for the southwestern Saskatchewan riding of Cypress Hills-Grasslands since 2000, announced Monday he won’t seek re-election on Oct. 21. Anderson, 61, didn’t give a specific […] Read more

CWB class action suit takes step forward

A proposed class action lawsuit against the federal government and G3, alleging farmers’ money helped privatize the Canadian Wheat Board (CWB), is another step closer, says Anders Bruun, one of the lawyers working on the suit. In a written ruling released Monday, Master Shayne Berthaudin of the Manitoba Court of Queen’s Bench ruled against the […] Read more

Grain companies profit more from handling grain than from selling grain.

Grain marketing changes over time

After all of the changes over the past decades, do farmers have more price control?

When I started my first job at a farmer-owned co-op grain elevator 36 years ago, the only way a producer could get a price was by calling or stopping by the local elevator to see the daily bids. These only included grains like canola, rye and flax, as all wheats, barley and oats were under […] Read more

Finding the price in the new age

With delisted futures contracts, who’s responsible for price discovery?

Over the past five years there have been major changes to the Prairie grain marketing landscape that have — or should have — changed the way you market your grain. The biggest change, and no doubt the catalyst for many of the changes since, was the removal of the monopoly marketing powers of the Canadian […] Read more

Canada Bread has been complaining that since the CWB was dismantled, sourcing consistent quality of wheat has been difficult.

Canadian Wheat Board is missed

Changes to Canadian grading and specification systems causing concerns

Oh, boy… the Canadian Wheat Board may be coming back! Not likely, I am just being an alarmist, but it was interesting to read in our sister pub — the Western Seducer — where some bread manufacturers are mourning the loss of some features the CWB offered. I haven’t heard too many complaints about the […] Read more

New class coming for 29 wheats

More than two dozen older Hard Red Spring wheat varieties are being reclassified

Western Canadian farmers won’t have to make any major new decisions on wheat varieties this year, but come the spring of 2018 they will have to pay attention to whether some of their tried and true varieties have been moved to a different class. Creating a new classification for some long standing wheat varieties that […] Read more