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Longer cultivation licenses, more exemptions and fewer third-party testing requirements will simplify business for hemp growers.

Rules ease up for growing hemp

Legal changes aren’t just for users; growers will also see fewer restrictions

The Cannabis Act is slated to take effect October 17th, legalizing recreational cannabis use in Canada. Those legislative changes will also remove many roadblocks to growing hemp and open up new market opportunities, say those in the industry. The new Act removes hemp from the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, says Keith Jones, vice president […] Read more

Growing demand means more hemp acres

As the hemp industry grows and matures, quality and consistency is critical for sales

As the Canadian hemp industry continues to expand and mature, the demand for hemp foods, not just in North America, but worldwide, is fueling more hemp acres across Manitoba and other areas of Western Canada, and is providing good economic returns for growers. “The returns per acre on hemp are better than just about any […] Read more

Kevin Friesen says sufficient fertilizer makes hemp crops very vigorous: “often your fertilizer can be your herbicide.”

Growing interest in growing hemp crops

Interest in hemp is on the rise. Some see it as a money making alternate crop

In 2013, over 66,000 acres were licensed to cultivate hemp, a nearly 10-fold increase from 2003, according to the Canadian Hemp Trade Alliance. “It’s a crop that there’s growing interest in it. Especially as canola’s starting to slump so bad,” says Harry Brook, crop specialist with Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development. But farmers can’t throw […] Read more