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Ryan Boyd talks soil structure to attendees of the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation conference in Manitoba during late August. Also pictured is his daughter, Piper.

Regenerative agriculture for the next generation

Ryan Boyd uses farming practices that rebuild his soil without breaking the ban

When he came back to the farm, Ryan Boyd was looking for a lower-risk farming scenario. As a young farmer, “I didn’t want to stick my neck out and have a large loss in one year,” he told reporters and communications professionals gathered on the approach to one of his fields near Brandon, Manitoba in […] Read more

One of the bison standing guard at the grand stairway in the Manitoba legislature.

Reporter’s Notebook: Leaving a legacy in Manitoba

From Freemasons to farm families. There have been several legacies built in Manitoba

Recently I was in Winnipeg for the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation annual conference. Winnipeg is probably not on too many bucket lists, but the downtown core has some interesting old buildings and attractions around the Forks. One of the most interesting buildings is the Manitoba legislature. Years ago, Frank Albo was driving by the leg […] Read more

Hops (Humulus lupulus, SYBILLA) background. Fresh hoppy cones.

Hops: the flavour in your beer

These hop growers share their stories on everything from insects to the hop harvest

Francis Gagné and Anne-Marie Lessard wanted to make some changes. The St. Bernard, Quebec farmers raised hogs and broilers, and grew cash crops. But they wanted to exit the pork business, and start a new farm venture. After looking at everything from vineyards to fruit and vegetables, they settled on growing hops. That decision was […] Read more

Dany Chabot poses at Ferme Lehoux Holstein, south of Quebec City. Lehoux Holstein sells milk as well as replacement heifers.

They do things differently there

Reporter’s Notebook: In Quebec, membership in the agriculture lobby group UPS is mandatory for farmers

Each fall, the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation holds an annual conference in a different part of Canada. This year, the conference was in the Quebec City area. The conference hotel was a short walk from the Old City and the Plains of Abraham, so I was able to check out both. The Old City is […] Read more

The Canadian Light Source, a synchrotron housed at the University of Saskatchewan. The synchrotron is a light source that scientists use to study materials at the molecular level. Researchers have studied everything from fusarium head blight to biomedical science with the synchrotron.

PHOTOS: Scenes from a farm writers’ tour

Canadian Farm Writers' Federation visits the University of Saskatchewan

Synchrotrons, robotic milkers, pill cameras oh my! Grainews‘ Lisa Guenther had plenty to see and do during a recent tour at Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation awards. Have a look at some of the many modern technologies she and other agricultural journalists saw when they toured facilities at Canadian Light Source and the University of Saskatchewan’s vet centre and […] Read more

Benefit from boards

Serving on a board can bring personal gains

This spring marks the end of my term as president of the Canadian Farm Writers’ Federation, and the end of my time on that board. The federation counts ag journalists and communications professionals among its ranks. The Federation offers several interesting professional development opportunities to members. It also has an annual awards program and financial […] Read more

Is there still a farm wife out there?

Is there still a farm wife out there?

Lee Hart treads into dangerous territory, daring to take on the issue of the term “farm wife”

Since religion and politics are always safe subjects, I thought I would really kick over the can of worms and talk about gender equality on the farm. I am not even sure where this topic is going, I just know the term “farm wife” raised a few hackles at a recent Canadian Farm Writers Federation […] Read more

Lisa Guenther reading from Friendly Fire.

Debut novel for Grainews writer explores serious subject

Friendly Fire delves into small-town family secrets and violence and why some speak out and others don’t

When Darby Swank finds her beloved aunt floating dead in the water of Brightsand Lake, it sets in motion a hunt for the killer and shatters the tranquil facade of the rural community Darby calls home. If it sounds like a murder mystery, it is. But Grainews writer Lisa Guenther’s debut novel, Friendly Fire, is […] Read more

field of sunflowers

Interesting times ahead for farmers

Farmers are on the environmental front line. If they can keep the public onside, they could turn a curse into an opportunity

The proverb “may you live in interesting times” is often attributed to a Chinese philosopher. The phrase is supposed to imply that it’s better to live a boring, tranquil life, than an interesting, but perhaps stressful, one. But sleuth around a little on the Internet and you’ll find the so-called Chinese curse isn’t Chinese at […] Read more