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Fuel Lock systems allow farmers to more easily secure on-farm storage tanks.

Fuel Lock: a keyless security system

Two versions designed to accommodate both large and small operations

Nearly every farmer has had fuel go missing from farm storage tanks at some point in time over the years. And with recent high-profile incidents surrounding farm security on the prairie, now is a good time to think about keeping all that expensive fuel right where it belongs. A new invention on display at the […] Read more

Inventor Darcy Goossen explains the operation of his Tire Grabber attachment for skid steer and tractor loaders, during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. It can lift, rotate and position large tractor and sprayer tires during removal or installation.

Tire Grabber handles large farm equipment tires with ease

Loader attachment reduces manual effort during tire changes

Tired of handling those large sprayer and tractor tires in the farm workshop every time they need to be changed? If so, Alberta entrepreneur Darcy Goossen may have exactly the tool farmers need to avoid all that sweat and back strain. The Tire Grabber is an attachment for a skid steer or ordinary front-end loader […] Read more

Steve Kastning showed his Duck Foot header reel tine at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June.

Duck Foot improves header performance

These plastic after-market parts 
fit over existing header tines

Showing off his invention at the Innovations Show Place at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina last June, Steve Kastning described how he and his wife came up with the design of the Duck Foot header finger, which was designed to solve a problem on their own farm. “I found in lentils, it was stripping […] Read more

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s an exciting time to be farming,” says Ray Donald, who has been farming in southeast Saskatchewan for 50 years.

A mix of new and old makes it work

Farm Progress Show: Something old, something new. Farmers use a mix of machinery to make things work

Farming is a mix of tradition and innovation, and the machinery you’ll find on farms reflects that mix. That machinery is also a tangible record of how the machinery industry and farming practices have evolved over the decades. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s an exciting time to be farming,” says Ray Donald. “It’s exciting […] Read more

This 1958 Fargo truck tractor is part of Sterling Hornoi’s personal collection and makes regular appearances at Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

The face behind CFPS’s classic trucks

Long-time show participant has a passion for heavy trucks

Regular visitors to Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina have likely seen the daily parade of classic trucks and farm machines go past them several times. And each year the parade of machines that make the trip around the show grounds includes some of the same equipment. Many owners of those vintage machines have been […] Read more

SeedMaster showed the public a mockup of the single-row drill concept its engineers are working on during Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

Talking trash about seeding equipment

SeedMaster, a brand that often gives farmers a glimpse of its new technologies, chose to show a mockup of its one-row drill concept at Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina in June. “It’s something that we’re working with, testing a few ideas on how to better improve residue flow through a machine, but also how […] Read more

The model 3420 centre-folding TransFold drill design from Bourgault is now available in a smaller 80-foot working width.

Bourgault offers smaller TransFold drill

An 80-foot, centre-folding model joins the 100-foot version introduced in 2015

This is what we call the little brother to the 100-foot we released last year,” said Rob Fagnou, marketing specialist at Bourgault, as he stood beside the brand’s new 80-foot, centre-folding 3420 paralink hoe drill during Canada’s Farm Progress Show in June. “The demand for the 80-foot was strong with this type of folding system […] Read more

Salford introduced its 945 bushel AC4000L air cart in Regina in June. It can be configured to work with both dry and liquid fertilizer.

New air cart has liquid N option

Salford’s AC4000 Series air carts can be ordered with both dry and liquid fertilizer systems

Applying liquid rather than granular nitrogen in the spring has become a pretty popular choice among western Canadian growers. For most, though, that has meant adding another cart equipped with a liquid tank to an already long train of equipment behind the tractor in order to make a seeding pass. Now, however, growers can get a single […] Read more