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Can Am Defenders 
can be equipped with bolt-on track systems for use in mud or deep snow.

Tracks improve Defender winter performance

Two track systems can extend use of Can Am UTVs and ATVs in snow

For producers who want to expand the on-farm capabilities of their ATV or UTV, Can Am thinks it has the perfect solution: tracks. Not too long ago the brand introduced its “four season” Apache 360 and longer-track version the 360LT line of all-season track modules, which will work on its Outlander ATVs and Defender UTV. […] Read more

Grainews went to Texas to field test the 2020 model year line of Defender UTVs.

Reviewing Can-Am’s newest Defender models

We put the capabilities of the Defender Max and Pro HD10s to the test

Nearly every prairie farm has at least one ATV or UTV kicking around the farmyard. And the odds are that machine or pair of them gets used more than any other piece of equipment in the farm fleet. Can-Am, a division of Quebec-based BRP (Bombardier Recreational Products), has recognized that a growing chunk of the […] Read more

DragonFire-brand protective roll bars, bumpers and rock sliders are now available for the Can-Am Defender models.

A little UTV bling

offers custom accessories for its Defender UTV line

Most new vehicles roll off assembly lines with some pretty great styling, but the aftermarket industry always seems to come up with accessories that make it possible to ramp up the cool factor. That not only applies to adding bling to the farm pickup, but the UTV that gets used for farm chores and hunting […] Read more