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More news from rubber track maker Camso

Track component manufacturer offers several updates for 2020

Camso, a rubber track system and components manufacturer, is also an OEM supplier to a few major brands. It builds and provides the engineering for the track systems installed on tractors and other equipment right at the factory. But it also supplies aftermarket bolt-on track systems. This fall the brand had a few announcements to […] Read more

Quebec-based Camso is 
now offering remanufactured 
rubber tracks as a lower-cost replacement alternative.

Camso offers remanufactured track for farm machinery

Retreaded rubber tracks and mid rollers offer lower-cost replacements

Camso, the rubber track manufacturer that sells track systems directly to both farmers and OEMs, introduced a new program in March, which involves offering farmers remanufactured replacement rubber tracks as a lower-cost alternative to buying brand new ones. The process involves applying new tread bars onto used tracks that are ready for replacement. The program […] Read more

Camso’s smart track technology monitors the temperature of rubber belt tracks during road travel, 
and it wirelessly transits the information to an 
onboard receiver.

Faster road speed with tracks

Camso’s smart track technology 
makes road travel more efficient

One of the criticisms of rubber-belt track systems has been their rapid wear rate from on-road travel. Now Camso, one of the industry’s major track systems manufacturers, has introduced a new feature designed to minimize that problem and permit higher road speeds at the same time. The brand’s smart track technology adds a digital component to monitor track system temperatures. Smart track technology relies on embedded sensors placed within the rubber tracks that monitor heat and […] Read more

Rubber track manufacturer Camso has been supplying rubber belt tracks to the ag industry for years. Now, they are supplying track systems for recreational off-road vehicles too.

Turning to tracks on your ATV

ATV and UTV track conversions add new abilities

Not too long ago I spoke to my neighbour who told me he just bought a track conversion for his ATV. “I can go where the snowmobiles were getting stuck,” he said proudly. A couple of days later I saw some of his tracks across snow-covered terrain that no wheeled ATV could ever get through. […] Read more

Elmer’s Manufacturing of Manitoba says its study shows converting grain carts to track systems can save 11 to 15 per cent in fuel consumption rates.

Can you save money with tracks?

Two manufacturers say their rubber-belt track systems can put money in growers' pockets

There’s no doubt the demand for rubber-belt track systems on ag equipment continues to grow. Many new implements hitting the market are now designed specifically for tracks and don’t even offer wheels as an option. But no matter how you slice it, track systems boost the cost of an implement purchase pretty significantly. So, are […] Read more

Ag track systems manufacturer Camso recently announced an ongoing research project to determine if converting field equipment to tracks can actually put more money in farmers’ pockets.

Can tracks increase profits?

Camso program measures the profit potential of rubber belts over tires

It makes for great coffee shop debates. Do rubber-belt track systems really offer advantages over cutting edge radial tires? And if so, do those advantages outweigh the extra investment cost? Camso (formerly known as Camoplast Solideal), the ag industry’s largest track systems supplier, has launched a new research program called “Profit From the Ground Up,” […] Read more

Camso’s new website offers advice and information on converting equipment from wheels 
to tracks.

Camso launches track selector web feature

Anyone considering converting a farm machine or even an ATV to a rubber-belt track system from tires can now find information about that process online. Track systems manufacturer, Camso, has added a track selection feature to its website. “Simple navigation and menu items enable visitors to select multiple options related to their work or application […] Read more