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CBOT March 2021 soybeans with Bollinger (20,2) bands. (Barchart)

CBOT weekly outlook: Corn, soybeans may see seasonal slowdown

However, more upside remains possible

MarketsFarm — Corn and soybean futures at the Chicago Board of Trade, now trading at their highest levels in years, could come under some pressure over the next month, although the longer-range outlook remains strong, according to a broker. Crop insurance levels in the U.S. are based in part off of new-crop futures prices during […] Read more

This young Angus bull has been bred with forage efficiency and good maternal traits in mind.

Producing good working bulls

Most don’t have ‘papers’ but still deliver the genetics

Traditionally bulls have been confined during winter and fed grain as well as hay, but some producers are wintering their bulls in larger pastures and letting them grow (or maintain) under more natural conditions. This often leads to better health, better fertility and longevity. Arron Nerbas of Nerbas Brothers Angus, near Shellmouth, in western Manitoba, […] Read more

It’s a farm full of look-alikes — red and black Simmental and Angus cattle and excellent crossbred cattle as well.

Lazy S Ranch marks 50th anniversary

Simmental and Angus cattle part of long-established breeding program

Stewart and Doreen Ainsworth and their children and grandchildren operate a family farm that has been supplying exceptional genetics for bull customers for more than 50 years. Although they’ve ranched for many years at Mayerthorpe, north of Edmonton, Stewart and Doreen both grew up near Byemoor, Alta., southeast of Stettler. Stewart graduated from Vermilion College […] Read more

The first Angus/Hereford cross bull calf of the year, doing well.

The bulls and the bees

The purchase of a heifer bull stirs excitement for next season

Sometimes opportunities come up and you just have to jump on them. We have been hauling our cows to pasture in a two-horse trailer, just waiting for an opportunity to purchase a bigger one. Then a friend showed Gregory an ad. The used trailer was in rough shape but the price was good, so Gregory loaded […] Read more

Bulls should be in god athletic condition, but not fat.

Be leery about buying fat bulls

It may look good in the sale ring, but too much fat can lead to permanent damage

Most of the bulls that go through a sale ring are over-conditioned to some extent. Fat is beautiful because it covers up a lot of conformational faults, but it is also very detrimental for reproduction, good health, and future soundness. Many young bulls have gone through a bull test/feeding program to measure rate of gain […] Read more

Does it pay to put weight on cull cows?

Does it pay to put weight on cull cows?

To decide best time to sell, pencil out the cost of feeding for a couple of months

Most producers have walked through their cow herds after the weaning season and picked out candidates for a cull group. Many of these are first-calf heifers and cows that were preg-checked and found open, while a smaller group were culled due to poor feet, legs and other structure defects. Even a few cows destined for […] Read more

Don’t semen test bulls too young

Don’t semen test bulls too young

Animal Health: What are these droplets in young bulls really telling you about semen quality?

Many commercial producers and purebred seed stock cattlemen often start to question the appearance of lots of droplets appearing on the semen evaluation forms of young bulls. It can lead to frustration when bulls have to be retested. These droplets collectively are probably the most numerous defects we as veterinarians see when performing breeding soundness […] Read more

While they are named and noted for their impressive horns, Longhorn cattle also produce an excellent carcass and high quality meat.

In praise of the Texas Longhorn

Saskatchewan producers says it s a breed for all reasons

In 1991, three years after they purchased their first four registered Texas Longhorn heifers, Deb Lesyk and Dwight Overlid were in the show ring at the Canadian Western Agribition, in Regina. In 2001, a bull they had raised and dubbed Nebuchadnezzar, or Nezzar for short, won the Canadian circuit championship. Next, they showed Nezzar in […] Read more

Bulls need proper care well before they head to pasture, and during breeding season, as well.

In-season breeding management tips

Preparing bulls for breeding begins before turnout

Every year, I receive calls from a few people looking to increase the nutrition and care of their beef bulls just prior to the breeding season in order to assure good fertility on pasture. On each of these calls, I find it difficult to tell producers this type of attention should have already been done […] Read more