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Improved cost of production budgets can improve management decisions.

Is there a right way to calculate farm cost of production?

It depends on whether you’re budgeting or performing an investment analysis

“Know your cost of production” is an annual farm advisor’s rallying cry. This is still good advice with ever-rising costs and uncertain revenue. How exactly should you calculate cost of production when there seems to be different approaches throughout the industry? More specifically, what should you include and not include? To answer that question, it […] Read more

Build a farm budget with AgExpert

Make the most of your farm financial software by using it to develop your annual budget

The beginning of the new year is a good time to plan your farm budget. You can use the Budget Management Tool included with AgExpert Analyst to estimate your farm’s projected income, expenses and net profit for the year. When you’re projecting your farm’s income, take into consideration expected production such as crop yields, livestock […] Read more