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Reporter’s Notebook: Keeping community volunteers engaged

Many rural activities facilities and activities are run by volunteers. Keep yours happy

Volunteers power many facilities and services in our communities. What motivates people to volunteer and how can non-profit boards engage their volunteer corps? I spoke to two women, from different rural communities in different provinces. Both have experience as board members and in the volunteer corps. Because I wanted them to speak openly without creating […] Read more

Reporter’s Notebook: Working with other boards

Making one non-profit board effective can be hard. Now, try bringing 2 together

A basic principle of horsemanship is that you should make the right thing easy for the horse to do, and the wrong thing hard. For example, if your horse doesn’t want to stand still, don’t try to force him to stand still. Instead, make him work — sidepass, turn on the foreleg, etc. The idea is that the […] Read more

Replacing the parts in ag

The ag industry needs a continuous supply of young people to take part

Agriculture is a machine in constant need of new parts. Its oil needs changing every few years. Its chains are working but worn. Its bearings could stand to be repacked. It’s an industry that needs to be as sharp as it can be. And it’s an industry that is only as strong as the people […] Read more

Get on board with these five tips

Much of rural life is governed by non-profit boards. Know how to give your best when it's your turn

Non-profit organizations and their legions of volunteers are essential to rural and urban communities alike. In small towns, non-profits are responsible for everything from running curling bonspiels to fundraising for medical equipment. It’s no secret that while some non-profits are well-oiled machines, others run more like a combine picking up lodged wheat in a rock-strewn […] Read more