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Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves.

The evolving role of women in agriculture

Tamara Carter believes women need confidence as well as encouragement

Tamara Carter urges farmwomen to be true to themselves. Know your strengths and then have the patience and persistence to pursue your goals. Have the confidence to sometimes step outside of your comfort zone and go for it. Those are some of the qualities Carter applied herself over a 25-year career of learning the agriculture […] Read more

Bayer’s Zone Spray is currently set up to help target sclerotinia in canola, but there are plans to incorporate other crop and disease combinations in the future.

Bayer Digital Farming launches Zone Spray

This new cloud-based program helps farmers spray only the right acres

This summer, canola growers will likely again be faced with the tough decision of whether or not to spray fields with a fungicide to protect the crop from sclerotinia. Spraying unnecessarily can mean wasted inputs, but failing to protect crops when needed could also mean significant yield losses. Even if producers decide to spray fungicide, […] Read more