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Last year, in anticipation of rolling it out to Canadian producers, Kubota Canada tested the FastBale with commercial operators growing various crops in varying conditions from British Columbia to the Maritimes.

No need for stops with new continuous round baler

Kubota Canada’s FastBale considered a game changer

Kubota Canada Ltd. recently launched its new FastBale, a twin chambered baler and integrated wrapping system that allows an industry first: continuous baling with no stops for tie-off or bale discharge. “I’d say this is a game changer,” says Travis Grubb, a Kubota Canada product specialist for hay tools and crop care. With our dual […] Read more

Krone claims to be the first company to offer tandem axles and a three-blade cutter system, which help to producer a denser bale.

Krone celebrates large-bale production anniversary

This family-owned Germany manufacturer has been making bales for 25 years

February 2019 marked a production milestone for the family-owned German manufacturer Krone. The company, which produces hay and forage equipment, is celebrating 25 years of large square baler production. Along with that, 2019 marks 45 years of selling equipment in North America. When it began large-square baler production in 1993, the brand claims to have […] Read more

The RB565 baler from Case IH is capable of forming both silage and dry hay or straw bales.

Case IH RB565 baler capable of silage and dry hay operation

New model designed to be an "all purpose" baler for producers

According to Case IH, the new RB565 Premium HD round baler is designed for the “ultimate crop flexibility,” which means it’s capable of being used to put up wet silage bales as well as dry hay and straw. “The RB565 Premium HD round baler is equipped with components to efficiently handle wet hay making in […] Read more

Make hay while the sun shines. But do it safely

Summer is a busy time. Kids are home from school, ongoing farmyard and machinery maintenance is underway, and of course one of the season’s most labour-intensive tasks looms — haying. Beating the weather and getting hay down, dried, baled and hauled is a major undertaking and not without its particular set of hazards. Crush injuries, runovers, rollovers, pinch points, transportation hazards, fall hazards, stress and anxiety — you […] Read more

AGCO introduces two new RB Series silage balers to 
North America. They are based on a Lely design.

PHOTOS: AGCO introduces the RB Series round baler

Lely-influenced round balers join 
the MF family in North America

European expatriates will certainly be familiar with the Lely brand of equipment. The brand has had a presence here in North America for several years as well, and long-time Canadian dairy operators will be well aware of their barn systems. But the brand has had a strong presence in the hay and forage sector overseas […] Read more

Krone Comprima round balers offer a variety of both fixed and variable bale chamber sizes.

New “Comprima” balers from Krone

The brand offers a new round baler series with a brand new look

This spring Krone introduced its new line of “Comprima” round balers that offer a variety of both fixed, variable and semi-variable bale chamber sizes. The brand is describing them as “new look” machines. The Comprimas use the company’s NovoGrip belt and slat system, which Krone claims helps produce a denser bale in both dry hay […] Read more

The new 2370 UHD square baler from Hesston by Massey Ferguson is the first Class 8 model the brand has yet produced.

AGCO debuts “Class 8” baler

Hesston by MF baler offers high density and large capacity

In February, AGCO announced it had established a system of categories to define square baler capacities. It has divided balers sizes in to eight classes. The square baler classification system uses rated plunger load to define each one. According to the brand, plunger load was chosen because it is the most measurable factor impacting the […] Read more

Deere’s new A520R Plus2 Accumulator carries up to two round bales 
behind the baler while the third is made in the chamber. The accumulators 
are compatible with 6, 7, 8, 9 and 0 Series round balers.

New forage equipment from John Deere

The Green Brand offers forage growers new balers and handling equipment

In 2015 John Deere introduced its first large square balers built entirely in-house, the L300 Series. For 2018 those balers get an update, and two new models, the L331, which makes a 3′ x 3′ bale, and the L341, which builds a 3′ x 4′ bale, will take their place in the Deere haying equipment […] Read more

Forage specialist Glenn Shewmaker demonstrates how to collect and place handfuls of hay samples in the tube. Pack the samples in tight and then insert the moisture sensor into the tube at different depths to get a field reading of hay moisture.

Simple tool improves hay moisture test

With a compacted sample and an electronic tester, a more accurate moisture reading can be made in the field

Packaging quality alfalfa hay can be a challenge. The hay industry is constantly pursuing new technologies to help the hay producer grow and package consistently high-quality forage. Machinery design has advanced in order to handle the hay as delicately as possible to minimize leaf loss. But, even with these advances, the proper moisture level is […] Read more

AGCO is in the process of purchasing the forage division of Lely Group.

AGCO buys forage group Lely

AGCO adds European forage equipment manufacturer

In a mid-march press release, AGCO announced that it has reached an agreement in principle to acquire the forage division of Lely Group. Lely’s forage division manufactures balers and loader wagons in Europe, primarily for that market. The deal is expected to close by the fourth quarter of 2017. However, it’s still subject to regulatory […] Read more