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The U-Trough auger is new from Brandt and is designed primarily for loading trucks from hopper-bottom bins.

Brandt introduces its U-Trough auger

U-shaped auger barrel improves capacity

Regina-based Brandt has recently introduced a completely new auger design to its grain-handling product line. The company claims its new U-Trough auger offers increased capacity over conventional, round-barrel augers and minimizes kernel damage. “The U-trough auger design has been around for a long time, mostly on commercial applications, but not really at the farm-gate level,” […] Read more

This mock up shows the design of the hydraulic Auger Side Shift axle, which won an innovation award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show.

Hydraulics on axle help farmer position auger

A Saskatchewan on-farm invention helps position large augers

Gord Blechinger of Gord’s Horsepower Service in Muen­ster, Sask. was one of the farmyard inventors to pick up a Sterling Standard Innovation award at this year’s Canada’s Farm Progress Show in Regina. He won it for his Auger Side Shift, which was displayed in the farmyard inventions forum. Blechinger’s brainchild was born when he began […] Read more

Safe grain handling

We know the dangers of augers and PTOs. 
But we also need to be prepared for drowning in dry grain, or dust fires

Grain farming has its share of potentially deadly hazards. There are some obvious ones and some you may not think about. Augers, PTOs and bin cleaners Almost everyone has seen a video or knows of someone who has been caught by an auger or PTO shaft. We tell our children to stay away from them. […] Read more