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CN sees eastern network revival on supply chain diversity, ports

Montreal | Reuters — Canadian National Railway, the country’s biggest railroad, is banking on growth in consumer products and supply-chain diversification in Asia, to revive traffic on its underutilized eastern Canadian rail lines, the company’s CEO told Reuters Friday. Coronavirus, which hit China’s industrial production, along with U.S. tariffs on Chinese goods, are further leading […] Read more

End of reefer madness could clear air for Canadian hemp

CNS Canada — Anticipated legislative changes for marijuana production could spill over to hemp, according to the head of an industry group — but this year, Canada’s hemp producers are struggling to meet a surprise demand increase from Asia. “There’s lots of discussion with things changing in the marijuana arena; hemp also falls in that […] Read more

How to feed 9 billion people

In this second part of a two-part instalment, Brian Wittal looks 
at how we can feed a growing world population

This is a continuation of last week’s column about how we can feed a world with nine billion people in fifty years. As I noted last week, 30 per cent of the world’s food production is wasted. Resolving this would go a long way toward feeding the expected increase in population over the next 50 […] Read more

In Korea, grain traders, feed buyers and food processors expressed interest in flax, feed grains, oats, barley for tea and pulses.

Farmers in Asia, Part 2

In Seoul, on the 2nd leg of her trade and export mission

In my last column I covered the Japan leg of a 10-day trade mission in Asia. After tasting the best ramen and okonomoyaki (a cabbage pancake topped with meat) that Osaka had to offer, we flew to Seoul, South Korea. We attended a briefing at the Canadian embassy where we learned that Koreans tend to […] Read more