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Bill to tighten cruelty laws downed in Commons

A federal private member’s bill meant to tighten animal cruelty laws in Canada — alarming farm organizations and energizing animal welfare groups en route — has gone the way of most private members’ bills. Bill C-246, introduced in February by Toronto Liberal MP Nathaniel Erskine-Smith and given first reading, died Wednesday in the House of […] Read more

Walter Decker, egg barn manager at the Riverbend Hutterite Colony at Mossleigh, south of Calgary with one of the laying hens in their new barn outfitted with an enriched cage system.

Let’s open the barn doors

Hart Attacks: Positive changes are coming in the livestock production world

As I was recently reading about the Canadian egg industry’s commitment to turn its ocean liner around, I figured a motion was in order — if consumers and the food industry are so concerned about animals produced “free range” or in loose housing, farmers should just turn everything loose and then charge four times as […] Read more

Walter Decker with the Riverbend Colony with one of the laying hens in their enriched housing system.

Same standards apply to all livestock sectors

The livestock industry as a whole is on the same track in aiming to produce a high-quality product

I can’t talk much about the situation across Canada, but I certainly get the impression poultry producers in Alberta are doing their best to produce meat birds and eggs to deliver a high-quality product raised with the best production practices possible. Poultry operations don’t have a big fit with Cattleman’s Corner, but looking around the […] Read more

New agency to handle Sask. animal welfare enforcement

Saskatchewan’s animal protection officers will start Wednesday with a new not-for-profit agency handling animal welfare enforcement work in the province. The provincial agriculture department on Thursday announced a two-year, $610,000-per-year agreement to fund investigative services provided by Animal Protection Services of Saskatchewan, effective April 1. A new toll-free phone number, 1-844-382-0002, will be in place […] Read more

Colleen Biggs of TK Ranch near Hanna says listening to their customers has guided them toward animal welfare certification.

Animal Welfare label confirms TK Ranch commitment

Alberta ranch finds the opportunity to reinforce their values of proper livestock production practices

One of the advantages of direct marketing is receiving feedback through direct contact with the people who will be eating your product. Colleen and Dylan Biggs have been marketing ranch-finished beef and other meat products from their east-central Alberta ranch since 1995, and listening to their customers. About five years ago, they recognized there was […] Read more