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Plains Bison

Producing clean bison genetics

New ‘washing’ techniques could benefit cattle industry as well

Genetic research in wood bison may have wider implications for wildlife conservation and for the Canadian livestock industry. Scientists have developed tools using assisted reproductive technologies such as cryopreservation (freezing), artificial insemination (AI) and embryo transfer which could help increase dwindling wild bison populations and prevent the spread of disease. Canadian wood bison is an […] Read more

Saskatchewan farmers Les and Kathy Kroeger have been sold on bison for nearly 30 years.

The bison industry is on the move

It takes specialized management, but there are opportunities in bison

While North American bison populations are nowhere near where they were 200 years ago, conservation measures and private breeding programs have helped to bring numbers back to support a successful, albeit specialized, agriculture sector. An estimated three to four million bison once roamed freely on the North American continent, providing the aboriginal peoples with many […] Read more