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There are times when storing grain on your farm can be a good marketing strategy.

A marketing strategy for storing grain

Is it worthwhile to store your grain on the farm while you wait for commodity prices to rise?

Storing grain on the farm can be a good marketing strategy because, if managed carefully, it can increase a producer’s profits, but it’s important to have a handle on your storage and opportunity costs to assess if it’s actually going to put money in the bank. The capital costs of storage vary depending on whether […] Read more

The xProxy can be used to monitor systems or for farmyard security.

Remote monitoring your grain bins

Multiple uses for automated xProxy

Have you ever found yourself making frequent trips to grain bins to check if aeration fans are still working properly? If you have electrical systems — like bin fans — that need to stay running, Net Irrigate’s new xProxy system can help monitor them and notify you of a problem, avoiding the need for frequent […] Read more