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S3 Air Systems' User Friendly Option aeration system is billed as offering better airflow performance with less installation hassle.

Modular grain drying system simplified, affordable, lightweight

How S3 Air Systems' new UFO for vertical aeration works

While most UFOs are typically known for their destructive crop circles, this UFO will actually promote better grain storage through proper aeration and potentially save commodities in the bin. S3 Air Systems’ User Friendly Option, or UFO aeration system, was designed with simplicity and ease of installation in mind with the ability to retrofit to […] Read more

The biggest controllable loss every year on grain farms is grain spoilage in the bin.

Watch what’s in your grain bin

Now that you've got your crop in the bin, lower your risks by keeping an eye on it

The mood at the Agri Trade show in Red Deer in early November ranged from relief that harvest was done, to disappointment that harvest wasn’t finished, or was a poor-quality crop. Meeting with colleagues, neighbours and friends at Agri Trade is a good way for many to discuss and work through harvest stress, blow off […] Read more

Venlaw Manufacturing’s portable aeration fan can replace a conventional 10 horsepower electric model.

Venlaw’s new portable aeration fan

This gas-powered portable fan takes aeration to bins without electricity

Many farms that have grown in size over the years often continue to make use of the remote grain storage facilities they acquired with a land purchase. But often those sites were located on other farmyards, where electricity is no longer available. That means aeration bins can no longer be used without the expense of […] Read more

For all three setups, Chad Bown had the heater between the fan and the bin. This fan-heater-bin sequence is recommended for canola.

Turn up the heat on aeration fans when drying canola

Some growers grappling with a late harvest and high-moisture crops in 2016 added supplemental heaters to their aeration fans. This grower’s experience may inspire an upgrade to aeration setups for 2017

Things were a little off with Harvest 2016 and Chad Bown was desperate. The farmer from Ranfurly, Alta., was combining 14 per cent moisture canola in late November after a month or more of snow delays. Delivery locations were full, so on-farm storage was his only option. But aeration fans blowing cool air could not […] Read more

aerated grain bins

Safer grain storage with automation?

PAMI tests a new Australian system that controls fans based on outside weather

With more large bins on the farm, safe grain storage has become more important. And keeping grain from heating or spoiling is more complicated than it would seem. “The chance of spoilage really depends on two things. It’s both temperature and moisture,” said Lorne Grieger, the Prairie Agriculture Machinery Institute (PAMI) vice president for Manitoba […] Read more

Wilde Ag Ventures has introduced a pressure gauge with a special face calibrated to easily provide air flow readings for aeration bins.

Specialty gauge for aeration bins

Special gauge face allows for easy airflow readings at a glance

A few people using aeration bins may be content just to confirm some airflow is coming out the top, but getting an adequate volume of air moving through the grain is critical to ensure efficient drying. Determining how many cubic feet of air per minute (CFM) is actually moving through any bin, though, depends on […] Read more

In the summer, farmers can be so busy that they leave wheat in the bins too long or fail to check it regularly.

Grain in the bin still needs your attention

Once the crop is in the bin, it still needs attention and careful management

Success with wheat crops has much in common with being a good parent: You can do everything else to raise them right, but if you spoil them it’s all for naught. “Wheat needs to be managed in storage or you risk a huge loss of revenue,” said Dr. Joy Agnew, Project Manager — Agricultural Research […] Read more

(Photo courtesy Canola Council of Canada)

Damp, tough canola at risk for spoilage

Some Prairie canola growers may now be able to get back to their unharvested canola, but the Canola Council of Canada warns that tough or damp canola can still be volatile, even at cooler outdoor temperatures. The Saskatchewan agriculture ministry on Wednesday reported “a few” growers in the province’s southeast were out harvesting canola last […] Read more

The system consists of an air lock under the bin or a meter where the grain flows through into the airstream and then a blower that pneumatically moves the air to the bins. A moveable distributor at ground level channels the grain to different bins. The initial cost of this pneumatic grain-handling system was $60,000, but the Neufelds believe it has been worthwhile. (see more photos below)

Grain Handling: A better way to move that corn

A pneumatic grain-handling system adds efficiency to grain handling on the family farm

The Neufelds have been growing corn on the family farm, Maple Creek Acres, since the 1990s, but when they decided to significantly expand their corn acres a few years ago they had a few issues to resolve in terms of corn drying and storing. “We were spending a bunch a time in the morning and […] Read more