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Five questions to ask your accountant

It’s tax time again and there are a number of new or imminent personal and corporate income tax changes which could have implications for farm families on their 2016 tax return, or need to be discussed with the accountant to plan for this year. When the federal government announced tax changes in its 2016 budget last March it […] Read more

Get the most from your accounting

Tax Planning: Accrual financial statements provide the best for management decisions

Accrual is the way to go with farm financial statements, according to a farm accounting specialist. “Cash accounting only measures cash, and that has nothing to do with profitability,” says Beverly Johnson, a partner at KPMG Enterprise in Saskatoon. Accrual accounting is the measure of profitability, she says. Johnson has been a farm accountant for […] Read more

Using AgExpert’s enterprise feature

Setting up and managing "enterprises" for better information management on your farm

AgExpert Analyst allows you to break your farm into separate “enterprises,” so you can manage and analyze specific profit sectors within your operation. For example, if you have a livestock and grain operation, you can set up a grain enterprise and a cattle enterprise. If you produce strictly crops, then you may want to create […] Read more

Build a farm budget with AgExpert

Make the most of your farm financial software by using it to develop your annual budget

The beginning of the new year is a good time to plan your farm budget. You can use the Budget Management Tool included with AgExpert Analyst to estimate your farm’s projected income, expenses and net profit for the year. When you’re projecting your farm’s income, take into consideration expected production such as crop yields, livestock […] Read more

Editing transactions with AgExpert: Pt. 2

Even the best bookkeepers don't always get it right the first time. Here's how to fix it

Getting help with the AgExpert bookkeeping has never been easier. FCC Management Software has provided many new avenues to give you support you need. The AgExpert online community is a way for you to communicate with fellow AgExpert users in discussion boards, chat live with FCC support staff and look up answers to almost any question. […] Read more