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Colleen and Scott Garries: 
“A generation that is craving a 
sense of community.”

Tragedy helps us find sense of community

Tragic accident brings back memories of communities, and a new search for them

With the nation and a good part of the world riveted for a couple of weeks on the tragedy of the bus crash north of Tisdale, Saskatchewan, in early April that resulted in the death of 16 members of Humboldt Broncos hockey club, there was one uplifting message: Canadian and, perhaps more broadly, human compassion […] Read more

Understanding some key points and taking some precautions can help you get oversized loads from the farmyard to the field and back again.

Safely transport oversize loads

Farm safety: Tips to get your equipment to the field and back again

With larger farm equipment comes larger transportation challenges. Equipment wider than highway lanes poses a hazard to not only the equipment operator, but also to other motor vehicle operators. Tall equipment can come into contact with low-hanging wires, bridges and other vital pieces of infrastructure. Collisions with other vehicles is a major concern while transporting […] Read more

Curtis Weber shares his story across Canada and the U.S. — why his incident happened 
and how it could have been prevented.

Incident becomes teaching tool for farm/workplace safety

After more than 42 surgeries Curtis Weber now lives life as a double amputee

On July 29, 1999, Curtis Weber had the world by the tail. At 17 years old, just out of high school, he’d signed to play junior hockey with the Drayton Valley Thunder. It was a sunny Friday, the August long weekend and a northern lake fishing trip was coming up. But before the sun would […] Read more

Safety plans specific to your farm

Don't ignore the danger zones. Make your farm safety match the reality on your farm

Farming today is much different than it was in the past. The vast array of knowledge and access to information can be overwhelming. The temptation to use a template and do the “bare minimum” for a farm safety plan is great. There is also a temptation to skim the safety-related materials provided with chemicals, equipment […] Read more

Love is learning how to say ‘sorry’ at harvest

Stress is high at harvest time so knowing how to apologize is important

Sometimes I wish I didn’t have real-life examples of how I make mistakes, but my mishaps make good fodder for this column. Last harvest I was the combine driver who backed into the fuel truck while I was unloading my auger for cleanout to move to the next field. I have a bad habit of […] Read more